Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Where Did They Go?

When I was still flogging my blog at Ponyg!rl Ponderings, I had a huge following of four.

Yep... that's right.... four!

Now, here at Ponita's place, there is one.... and I don't even know who that is!

What happened to those others who were so dedicated and hovered over my every word?

Upon checking their blogrolls, not a one has updated my blog spot to the new and improved Ponita.

I am bereft! I wail in grief at being lost and forgotten!

How could this have happened, I ask myself?

Okay, ya lazy buggers. Get with the program and update your blog rolls, will ya? I have kept mine up to date....

Pretty please?


  1. I follow once more... :-)

  2. I just click on your link from your old blog... :) hehe

  3. Fammy: As you should.... ;-)

    Stace: Aha! You're one of the lazy ones, then!

  4. I updated mine weeks ago...so there! :)

  5. Stop your nagging woman.. I'm a follower, reet?


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