Sunday, 15 February 2009

Cake Day

Today was Cake Day... for myself and my youngest sister, Melissa. My birthday was on the 11th and hers is on the 22nd, so we split the difference and made Cake Day on the Sunday in between; she will be out of town on hers. So we invited a few friends and relatives over for cake and a little gathering.

Since our birthdays are so close to Valentine's Day, Mum always made our cakes (which, as kids, were always on our actual birthdays and not together) in the shape of a heart. Very simple to do with one round cake pan and one square. Just turn the square to look like a diamond, cut the round in half and place one half on each upper side of the diamond and... voila! you have a heart!

Mine is always... always... chocolate. Melissa's is whatever flavour she asks for.... sometimes spice cake with coffee icing, sometimes chocolate, sometimes something else. Mine is, and always will be, chocolate.

So last night I made the cake. Baked from scratch. This morning I iced and decorated it. I personally think it is a lovely looking cake!

The little tubes of decorating icing for the writing were a bit runny, so the letters look somewhat 'soft'? for lack of a better term. I added all the little confetti bits and hearts (and along the outsides there are tiny candy butterflies stuck in the icing) after I iced it.

The Birthday Girls

Blowing out the candles - five for me and four for her (for our respective decades)

Attempting (vainly) to dissipate the smoke so as not to set off the smoke alarms! (Good thing we didn't put more candles on the cake or we would have had the Fire Dept. at the door!)

Opening cards and gifts.


  1. LOVELY!
    The cake, but the ladies - too early to bring wishes for your sister (I am a little superstitious, ahem), so let me wish you both a good time, stay healthy and all, for no special reason!
    I'd have put some dozens of candle on that cake! Can't help, I like that. Why's yours always chokolate? Because you like it so much or did it become a "tradition"?
    Butterflies ... imagine.

  2. Mago: Why thank you! Probably should have got the Fire Dept. to come... might actually meet a man that way. :)

    Chocolate is my all time favourite and since I don't eat cake often, my birthday cake is always chocolate. I like other cakes too but that is what I prefer for B-day!

    Tiny little butterflies - each about 2 mm wingspan.... and crunchy sweet!

  3. May I say something?
    You are a good looking woman with both feed on the earth. You surely know what you want, and what you want not, and learned to see and recognize. Man, friend, partner - however you call your imagination - is it worth to trade in your independence? I am sure you can have an affaire or another if you want, in spite of the fact that you are living in a close knit social-familiar net, without "loosing face". But you are not looking for affaires, you want a man, as in to live with. And you do not want to share.
    The only thing I say is, just relax and do not force - there IS the happy guy who will fit your expectations, and I truly hope you'll met that lucky bastard fast. But ... as one commenter already remarked, it would be just another man. I do not want to spoil something - and honestly I do not believe that I could with this comment - but independence is a valuable thing and, at least for me, gets more and more important, yes a projection here.

    Well, my job is done, I ruined your evening - Hopefully not, and excuse me please when "ich Dir zu nahe getreten bin" - I can not translate this properly: I stepped over a boundary.

  4. Mago: You have not ruined my evening at all. You have not crossed any boundaries. Not to worry! :)

    I do know what I want and don't want. I do like my independence but also want to share life with someone.... someone who wants to share life with me. I have not yet met that man face to face.

    I've certainly not found anyone to have an affair with either, and don't know that I would want to go the casual route. I know my heart and know that it would get broken. My socio-familial situation not withstanding, this is just a very difficult place to meet a good man. I have totally given up on the online dating websites now as the men on those sites are afraid to taken action or are nutters.

    So now I am just going to carry on with my life and forget about the dating thing. If I meet someone, that would be lovely. If I don't, c'est la vie, eh?!

  5. "eh?!" is Canadian, as I learned from the Infomaniac, and may have a lot of possible meanings. Winnipeg is a large city with more than 6 hundred thousand people, half of the Manitoba population. There is just one Donn, but some Joe or Peter must be there. Good that I did not misbehave.
    Canada is full of wonders.

  6. 'Eh' is definitely a Canadianism, just as 'huh' is an Americanism. And yes, it has many meanings!

    Winnipeg is a large city but seems to be full of Joes and Peters who sit and wait for the woman to make the first move. The first moves that I have made have not worked out. So one of them will have to have the balls to move first.

    I guess only time will tell if something comes of any of this...

    Canada is indeed full of wonders! You should visit sometime.... it is a vast country.

  7. A waiting game? Like in "melt that candy in your mouth"? It never worked for me, I always had to bite that damned thing.

    Canada is a place of imagination for Europeans. If I ever have to take the "last fly out" from Europe it would go to any place in Canada. Not USA, South America or any other "classical" place of emigration. Strange how images are created. Excuse me please now, it's early in the morning here, I am dead tired. I very much like the conversation with you. Have a nice evening!

  8. Lovely pictures - I would love to have sisters.

  9. Ponita, hen, let me know if we can go somewhere quiet and get our fingers sticky... from your cake.

  10. Mago: It's been a pleasure!

    Kaz: I feel very fortunate to have the family that I do. We are all close and I love each and every one of them to bits. I couldn't imagine not having sisters.

    Jimmy: My whole house tends to be quiet, since I am the only one here. Not much cake left, so better hurry! It won't last long. :-)

  11. Happy "Spit-The-Difference" Birthday! That is a nice way to celebrate it. I also like chocolate cake (with white fluffy icing) for the occasion.

  12. you had me at chocolate cake, sugar! ;) happy birthday! xoxoxo

  13. Cake? Did somebody mention CAKE?

    *refrains from posting link, yet again*

  14. XL: Thanks! It is nice to have someone to celebrate/share the day with. My sister and I are good friends.

    I actually prefer chocolate icing on chocolate cake but it is quite difficult to make it pink. So for birthday cakes, it is pink butter icing - all made from scratch of course, as is the cake. Very yummy!

    Savannah: Welcome! Thank you! And yes, cake does it for me everytime as well!

    MJ: Glad you are learning some restrain. :-) *rolls eyes at memory of that link*

  15. Anything involving chocolate cake gets my vote - Happy Birthday

  16. Lulu: Welcome! Yes, I have to agree.... chocolate anything, never mind just cake, gets my vote! Thanks for the b-day wishes.

  17. i am late .. but the cake looks delicious, and the smily pics are gorgeous. Happy Belated BIrthday

  18. Carnalis: It is the though that counts... thank you. It was very delicious and I have one piece left... will be eating that soon, when I sit down in front of the TV in a bit. Mmmmm!


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