Monday, 23 February 2009

Brain Farts

When I am driving around, I tend to get ideas for blog posts. I roll them around in my noggin and figure out stuff to say, perhaps photos to go with the words.

I sometimes even make myself laugh with the stuff I think up.

Then I get home and sit in front of this infernal machine, and all those ideas have fallen out of my head. Can't locate a single one...

Then I have to sit and ruminate and see if I can remember any of the stuff I thought of earlier.

It doesn't seem to work very well.


  1. Here's a few words to whet your appetite and get you going then.

    Jimmy, sex, bed, cake, boots, candles, cake, basque, wine, cake, cake, cake, Jimmy, cake...

  2. Jimmy: And here's a few words to make sure my appetite gets more than whetted: get thee on a plane asap to Canuckistan. Dress warmly. I have all of the above in my humble abode excepting the 'Jimmy' part. ;-)

  3. P, it sounds as though you are 'whetted' sufficiently enough.

    ... is that cake ready yet? By the time I get back I want to see something warm and tasty waiting for me.

  4. It'll be ready by the time you get here. There already is something warm and tasty waiting for you.

  5. Uh, oh. Jimmy said "cake." Beware when Mistress MJ gets here.

  6. Notepad at all times... or a dictaphone thingy wotsit...

    And perhaps write a post about cake?

  7. XL: Yes he did... so if she links... it's all his fault!

    Scarlet: Would have to be a voice memo thingie... writing and driving would be hazardous to my health.

    Cake... perhaps...

  8. I was going to suggest one of those voice thingies as well. I should get one too, I am always doing that and then forgetting even the gist of the post I had so meticulously planned out in my head.

  9. Exactly - my best ideas come when I'm on the move - driving or walking.
    Consequently - you only get to read my worst ideas!

  10. I'm too lazy to write any of the posts I think up in advance.

  11. ya'll think about this shit before ya'll write? that's what i'm doin wrong! hells bells, sugar! xoxox

  12. Laurie: We are obviously cut from the same cloth. ;-)

    Kaz: See comment to Laurie!

    MJ: BE GOOD!

    Snooze: I just get annoyed at myself for forgetting the good ones.

    Savannah: You seem to wing it pretty damn good, gurlie!

  13. Don't ya all get drunk first?

    Down Jimmy lad!!

  14. Mapstew: I get zany ideas without the influence of alcohol... hmmm, wonder what it would be like if I did drink and blog?

    Jimmy is always up for a good time, it seems. Hee hee!


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