Monday, 16 February 2009


Ikea has just announced that it is going to take over operation of General Motors...

I think we are in a sh*tload of trouble....


  1. 1st!

    Uh, do we do that here?

    Anyway, my cats would love to scatter the small parts.

  2. Yes, you are!

    Uh, not yet... but wait for it. Ikea is coming to Winnipeg... one never knows what one will find in their stores.

    So would mine... and Pips would probably eat half of them too. Or at least chew on the rubbery bits. She has a history...

  3. Strangely enough, I've got an Ikea desk to build this very evening. How hard can it be?

    The desk, Ponita.. the desk.

  4. Let's hope the bushings are intact.

  5. Jimmy: Let me know how many left over bits there are... Or if you smash it in frustration before you get finished!

    Actually, I have assembled many furniture pieces and they turn out just fine. But I have known a couple men who end up growling and ready to burn the thing before they get done.

    Just sayin'....

    Scarlet: If Pips hasn't eaten them already...

  6. I don't do IKEA - I hate building up ameublement. IKEA comes to Würzburg too, they built a pretty large thing in a place some hills away. It was delayed for some time because of the field hamster population that would be eradicated. So the hamsters were translocated and then the field bulldozerized. I prefer the hamsters.

  7. Their cars will be so easy to put together! And they'll have exciting names like the Chevy Flunkon Doot.

  8. I am sorry to say that people actually DIED or were KILLED or, at the very least, were SERIOUSLY MAIMED when a branch of Ikea opened in Tottenham - or another gloomsome purlieu, ask Scarlet - not because they were protesting about the vileness of it, but because they'd been promised cut-price wardrobes and they wouldn't queue up nicely. Has the world gone mad?

  9. MJ: Yes. A whole set, I would think.

    Mago: Hamsters? Real, wild herds of hamsters? I would have preferred the hamsters, too. How sad....

    Tim: Wonder what kind of a warranty you would get with something named that? 30 days?

    Mrs Pouncer: The same thing has happened here in N. America (New York State I think) - at a Walmart just a few months ago. And, yes, I think the world has gone mad....

  10. No joke. It's in German only, sorry:

    It says that they collected 163 field hamsters and translocated them. The IKEA-thing is a 50 Million Euro investion on how-many-hectares of good land.

  11. Mago: I hope the hamsters survived the relocation. At least they didn't just exterminate the little rodents.

  12. A "whole set" of Allen wrenches!?! Nah. Not if that Flonkon Doot came from IKEA. All one would need is an 8mm Allen wrench and a Phillips screwdriver.

    The Assembly Manual may be a bit of a challenge, though...

  13. Jonas: Well, I have a whole set and several Phillips screwdrivers, so I am prepared for anything Ikea can throw at me.

    Plus I can figure out the pictures, never mind being able to read the translated English bits.

  14. An Ikea opened south of me, there were people waiting DAYS to get into it. I still haven't been, but with the boredom of February and March I might kill a weekend day there soon.

    Oh, and happy belated birthday!

  15. HoodChick: If you can do on a weekday, all the better. The crowd should be somewhat thinner. I've never understood that 'wait for days' in a queue mentality....

    Oh, and thanks!

  16. All you need is a 12 year old child
    Hey, they can tune a video

  17. I confess... I'm an Ikea addict. When I go in there I'm stuck there for hours because I need to look at everything. Oh, and they sell the BEST paper napkins. And I love eating in their cafeteria - swedish meatballs, anyone?

  18. Clyde: Disgusting how quickly kids catch on to new technology, isn't it?

    Anna: I am sure I will suffer that affliction once ours is up and running in a couple of years. Love the meatballs!


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