Tuesday, 24 February 2009



I just did the Holmes-Rahe interactive stress quiz. Someone at work had said that it is interesting to do this and see what your score is.

Any score over 300 means you have an 80% chance of experiencing a negative health change in the next couple of years.

My score was 338..... GAK!

Take the test.

What's your score?


  1. "249 51% chance of accident or illness"

    I thought I was going to score much, much higher with the ones I ticked off...

  2. Your Score: 89

    Below 150 - 35% chance of illness or accident within 2 years

  3. 175. Nothing happens around here.

  4. XL: That's high enough, isn't it?!?!?

    Stace: Good for you, with with baby on the way!

    Anna: You have double babies... hello!

    Jimmy: That's because you are pickled in Scotch or Guinness or whatever.

    Mago: I wish my life was as low stress as yours.

    Scarlet: Ha! I beat you! No, wait... that's not a good thing...

  5. Fascinating! I scored a 51. Literally nothin' goin' on but the rent over here in Brooklyn. Yet, I'm still feeling stressed out!

  6. XL: You cannot die as Mistress MJ requires your presence to fluff her pillows.

  7. Ha! My score was 49.

    I think I'll take up smoking.

    And shooting smack.

  8. Leah: How can you feel stressed out and have that low of a score? Obviously, it is all in your mind.

    MJ: Do this again AFTER your move.... I'll bet it quadruples!

  9. Your Score: 75

    Below 150 - 35% chance of illness or accident within 2 years

    MJ - got any smack to spare? You can come sniff glue with me in a deserted car park.

  10. Skip the smack, let's have some cigars ...

  11. I scored 106. I can't sleep, but at least I'll be healthy while I'm awake. How fab.

  12. I find stress tests cause me considerable stress, so I avoid them as much as I can! Besides, I figure the more life experiences you have, the smarter and stronger you become.

    Happy B'Ltd Birthday!!!

  13. Your Score: 95

    Below 150 - 35% chance of illness or accident within 2 years

    ok, there have been a few bumps in the road since november...but i'm feeling better now. xoxo

  14. The bumps in the road are probably just the empty bottles that Savvy and Ponita tossed out the car window after their drunken night out last week.

  15. Your Score: 273

    Between 150 - 300 - 51% chance of illness or accident

    I knew it was going to be high, but oh well. I'm doing things to change it. Moving, getting new job etc. Hah!

  16. Tim: 75? Don't you do anything stressful?

    Mago: This is a smoke free environment.

    M. deFarge: Welcome! As long as you stay awake, with a score that low, all will be well.

    Eros: How can you score a 63 after what just happened? I'm glad you're back, though... missed you. :-) (And thanks for the b-day wishes.)

    Savannah: Those must be minor pimples on the road of life, compared to the major potholes and speed bumps I have had to cruise over!

    Jimmy: Yeah, but it was fun!

    CyberPete: Good for you! Keep us up to date on the excitement!

  17. Ah, we are all gonna die
    I didn't score----
    Typical----no scoring again this week for Clyde.
    Oh well, can you save me a seat when you get there

  18. I thought my life was quite stressful, but evidently not. I'm not going to complain!

  19. 125...I'da thought it would be higher!


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