Friday, 25 September 2020

Geez, I have been lax.

 I just noticed it was August when I last posted anything and we are almost at the end of September! The weather is definitely fall-like here, with interspersed days of summer heat. Last Monday was cool (I think it got up to 12C?) and Tuesday hit 30C!

I had a covid test done this morning. Very strange sensation, that. I am hoping it is just my lack of a gallbladder that is causing my gut issues, but one cannot be sure without a test these days. We do have a positive patient at work, although I didn't provide direct care to them, but they were symptomatic for several days before telling us and getting tested. And they were in that small group of patients who are crap at keeping their masks on their damn faces when in for their treatments!! Argh! So I sit at home and wait for a couple of days to get results.

I am tired of the covidiots out there risking everyone else because it inconveniences them. I wish we could just stick them all on their own island and let nature take its course. We could give them Trump as their very own head hack. Seems they all think like him anyway.

Leaf raking season is starting, but I am going to wait a couple more days before starting. One tree out front is virtually naked while its neighbour hasn't started dropping leaves yet, despite being golden yellow. The backyard trees have definitely started but the big Chinese elm is still as green as can be. It is notorious for not deleafing until after the snow has fallen, meaning I can't rake until the spring and then it is a sodden mess of half rotten leaves.

This will be the last fall for me in this house. I am going to sell in the spring and move back into the big city. Okay, so Winnipeg isn't all that big (750K or thereabouts) but it is many times larger than the 10K city I live in right now, just to the north. I already have my name on the waiting list for a suite in the apartment block I want to live in. Easy to get to work from (before I retire), close to my sister (8 minute drive or 30 minute walk, per google maps) and there is a mall across the street with most of the amenities I will need for day to day living, including the pet store chain I usually shop at for the cats. Hopefully this all comes together nicely but if not, I will move temporarily into another apartment that allows cats and also allows month to month rentals (for $100 extra per month :-\ ).

I had Andi outside with me for a bit today. He spent a lot of time rolling around on the patio amongst the leaves, looking gorgeous, so of course, his portrait is below. (Okay, so I put up two photos, because why not!)  He also ate some grass and had to puke it up once back in the house. It's only taken him 6 months to figure out how to eat the grass and not just pull bits out of the ground and then spit them out. lol!

Wishing all of you a pleasant (as can be) fall. Be well, stay safe, and wear a mask if you have to go out!