Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Life and all that crap...

Well, I finally got my bike out on the road the other day, after installing a new front stem to angle the handlebar more toward me, and after the anchor bolt for the rear derailleur cable decided to shear off. Considering the bike is 17 years old and that bolt failure caused the very first trip to a repair shop, I think I've done pretty well with it.

Now if the rain would just quit so I could get out on a regular basis, I would be a much happier girl, pedalling my ass all over town. *waits for the comments on that one*

My shoulder did not give me any grief with the cycling, so I think all is good in that department.

I've gotten the estimate for two dental implants and it will be about what I spent on my used car last year. But they will be permanent teeth and I will be able to chew again... and will not have to deal with dentures or a partial plate. The thought of that just freaks me out! I'll fork out the cash, thanks.

Been working overtime when I can to try and [a] get out of debt, [b] finance said teeth and [c] save a down payment for a house [again]. I have come to the conclusion that I really dislike renting. Where I live now is roomy enough [1000 sq. ft.] and the 7 minute walk to work is fantastic [no paying for gas, ↑ insurance and parking, never mind the wear and tear on the car], but my neighbours on all sides are noisy and this area seems to have a high amount of relationship discord that everyone for blocks around gets to hear about. If you're gonna yell at each other time after time about getting a divorce, why not just go out and do it? It would save my ears from the bombardment of nastiness. Plus the next door tenants have a fire pit under a big tree [only 5 feet from said tree, which is against city bylaws but so far the fire dept. hasn't enforced that, even though they've been called out] and every time they have a fire, I have to close both the kitchen and back room windows or the apartment is flooded with smoke that sets off the smoke detectors [and scares the bejeesus out of the cats].


One day, I will have my own place again.

Today is the Summer Solstice and I'm awaiting the arrival of actual Summer. It made an appearance in March but then disappeared and it's been April Showers that have lingered since. However, that may change this weekend as the forecast is for warm sunny days starting Friday. I sure hope they're right!

My lovely personal pitbull [Labour Relations Officer with the nurses' union] is back fighting for my compensation again. We thought we'd won when I received a letter saying my claim for compensation was accepted but the Comp Board will only pay me for 5 days, saying that the "aggravation to your pre-existing shoulder condition would improve in that time period". This, despite evidence from my doctor and physiotherapist, both of whom saw me weeks to months after the workplace accident and documented continuing decreased range of motion and increased pain from the torn rotator cuff. So it looks like we will have to make a court date with the Appeals Commission in the fall to have my case heard. Considering I was off work for over 14 months, I figure they owe me about $55K more than they said they will pay (based on the weekly rate they say I am entitled to).

I know some people who have learned to milk the system so well, they take every summer off work with "back injuries" but have been seen shingling the roof and tossing their kids in the air playing. Bloody insurance companies.

Right. Off to work with me now. Gotta earn some pennies for my piggy bank.