Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Moving along

 So the house saga has ended. The new owner took possession May 13th and shortly after that, the torrential rains started. I thank my lucky stars and whatever gods there are that I do not have to deal with a leaky basement ever again! It took just shy of 3 weeks to receive the funds, but that is normal.

So now I have paid off a bunch of debt, and ordered some new furniture (the sofa will hopefully be here by Christmas... it is being custom made, in the US, and I am hoping they can be a little quicker, but whatever... I am getting what I want). I have money in the bank, a new bed, and Lila got a haircut.

But the best news of all... I am retiring on Thursday! Yep, in 2 days. After 31 years of nursing, it is time to hang up my stethescope. I got into nursing in my 30s, so I have actually been in the workforce for 46 years and I am tired. My feet are sore and my knees are swollen. I just had my knees injected with steroids (arthtitis pain) and it hasn't quite kicked in yet. In August, I am going to have some of my blood extracted and spun down to get the platelet-rich plasma, that will then be injected into the right knee (to start ~ they only do one at a time) to hopefully encourage a bit of regrowth of healthy cartilage. Even if it is not overly successful, at least I will not be on my feet day in and day out anymore.

So yay to me! I am relieved to not have to go back to work next week, but a little apprehensive about leaving a profession that is faced with critical shortages of bodies. But I have paid my dues and it is time for others to stand up.