Monday, 9 December 2013

Well, that's done.

Finished scraping all the stipple off the bedroom ceiling today.

Had to wear nuclear fallout gear due to the dust it created, even with spraying each section with water before scraping it off.

I developed a technique hooking one finger from the scraper hand onto the edge of the plastic container I was holding up to collect as much of the debris as possible.

The floor still got covered with little bits. But much less than if I hadn't done anything. Now I need to give it a wipe down to get rid of the dust, repair the spots that need doing, then hopefully paint on the weekend. Hopefully paint the whole room, or at least get the ceiling done and primer on the walls.

Working 12 hour shifts during the week, and playing in a volleyball tournament (fund raiser for the Christmas Cheer Board) from 3:30 to midnight on Friday, means it will probably be Saturday or Sunday before I get back to it.

Hopefully, things will progress a little faster now that that's done. I'd like to have my free time my own again... or at least until the next project is under way!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Change of plan

I was going to try and very carefully paint the stipple ceiling in the bedroom.

I purchased the appropriate multi-sliced foam roller. I knew that you only roll the paint on once, not back and forth. I know that if that crap gets too wet, it comes off.

Little did I realize that the stipple was so thinly put on that all you had to do was look at it sideways and it would come off with the paint. Very fragile.

So... change of plans. I will be scraping all that stipple off the ceiling, doing the necessary drywall repairs (old minor leak from poorly installed chimney flashing ~ since repaired ~ the flashing, that is) and then painting.

(Eye protection ~ check. Water sprayer ~ check. Scraper ~ check.
Bin to catch all the bits ~ check.
Any which way you like it ladder ~ check.)

I do prefer a smooth ceiling but scraping is a lot of work and hard on the neck for one with a herniated disk awaiting a consult with the neurosurgeon (end of January). So this slows me down as I can only do it for so long on any given day.

But I sure hope there are no more surprises underneath all that flaky shit. I have always hated stipple ceilings. I guess now I have to do something about it.

And this is what will be in store for the rest of the main floor rooms. *sigh*

Oh well. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

AND... I have to admit I will like the look much better when it's all said and done.