Thursday, 17 December 2020

One down...

One to go.

I had my covid vaccine yesterday. No big deal. A very small amount of vaccine (looked like about 0.3 ml) and a small needle. Today, no ill effects at all. I don't consider the little spot on my deltoid that feels like a little bruise an ill effect. It is less that I get each year from the flu shot.

My next appointment for jab #2 is on Jan. 7th. That is the one where I may have some ill effects. One of the doctors I work with told me that the immune response is often much stronger with the 2nd shot and taking the day off work after the 2nd one is advisable. Some of the things one may feel are nausea, headache, body aches and fever.

Guess I will find out then.

Stay safe, everyone! Be kind. Be hopeful that this is the beginning of the quelling of the pandemic. 

Sunday, 13 December 2020

Struggling to get through

 We will be receiving a limited number of covid-19 vaccines in my province (enough for 900 people to start), and the government has set up a phone line to make appointments. There are strict criteria for the first candidates: you must be a healthcare worker, work in an acute care setting (hospital), and were born before Dec. 31, 1960. I fit all of these criteria, plus I have to care for covid-positive patients quite regularly. So I have been calling the phone number. It went live yesterday at noon. Yesterday, I dialed the number 114 times. I got through 6 times and was put on hold. Each of those times, after just over 11 minutes, the calls were dropped. I have called the number 16 times so far today and have been on hold twice. So far, this second time, the call has not dropped and I am at 16 minutes!

Fingers crossed, I actually get through this time.

EDIT: I finally got through after being on hold for one hour and 38 minutes. I have my vaccination appointments: Dec. 16/20 and Jan. 7/21. Yay!! I fully expect to feel like crap for a day or two afterwards (normal response to this type of vaccine) but very grateful that we are not waiting the typical 5 - 10 years for a vaccine rollout.