Tuesday, 26 February 2013

On the plus side of nothing

It would seem (fingers crossed behind my back) that Spring may be in the air.

I say this because, despite the mounds of thigh deep snow everywhere, the thermometer has actually inched up to just a tad above zero. Visual proof below, taken through my livingroom window, mere moments ago.

Now I realize that I live in an area with a climate virtually identical to Siberia's, but sometimes the seasonal change comes early and isn't plagued with spring blizzards and wicked cold snaps. No way of telling if those will occur, but for now, I can revel in the fact that the sun is shining cheerily out there and the roads will be slushy. Best top up the windshield washer fluid before I head to work this afternoon!

The flood forecast is supposed to be issued sometime this week. Looking at the amount of snow in my tiny little yard, I am wondering if any of it will end up trying to seep (read: pour) into my tiny little basement. Good thing I have a sump pump down there.

I also wonder about the humongous cap of snow on my rooftop. (No, I don't have a photo of that.) It looks nice, and is very insulating, but what happens when it starts to melt? Will it avalanche off in huge clumps, smothering me as I walk along to my back door? I'll have to keep my wits about me and leap under the overhang if that happens. (And if I don't, they'll find me after the spring thaw.)

So, I am back, I guess. Not sure if I will keep this up regularly but I will try and post once in a while. I've not fallen down a facebook hole, never to be seen or heard from again.