Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Birthday Wishes

TO ME!!!!!

Was hoping to wake up and find one of these for my birthday today....

No such luck.

Could someone mail one to me, please? I could certainly use one... and enjoy one... :-)

Cake day is on Sunday, as my youngest sister's birthday is on the 22nd and she will be out of town, so we decided to share the day and the cake and have everyone over partway between my birthday and hers.

Mmmmm... cake.... chocolate cake.... homemade, in the shape of a heart, with pink icing... just like Mum used to make when I was a kid.

Happy, happy to me!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I will buy some cake and celebrate with you! Have a good one.. and thanks for the pic.

  2. Scarlet: He is pretty yummy, isn't he? ;-)

  3. Happy Birthday Ponita! Let me hug you, wuschel your hair and give you a grin!
    What are you gonna do on this day?

  4. Mago: Thanks so much! Am just taking it easy; nothing special planned until Cake Day on Sunday, when I get to share the day with my sister and our family and friends.

  5. Happy birthday, Ponita!!! Sending birthday hugs and kisses your way. If I had that man (or a reasonable facsimile) I'd keep him for myself... I'm greedy that way. :D

  6. Anna: Thank you! I know the feeling... I would like to be greedy too.

  7. Jonas: Why, thank you, kind sir. Hope things are well with you.

  8. Cake? Did somebody mention CAKE?

    *refrains from posting link in case decent folk are reading this blog*


  9. MJ: Watch it, young lady! This blog doesn't have warnings and such attached to it, so no cake links!

    *gives MJ the look*

    However, thanks for the b-day wishes. :-)

  10. Happy birthday! Have a good one! ;-)

  11. If you provided an email address, Ponita, I might be prepared to oblige....

    As an avowed anti-feminist, though, I really ought to be offended by this crass objectification of men, and the propagation of physical ideals which most of us -- living in the real world -- are incapable of attaining.

    Have you considered that I might develop an eating disorder as a result of this crass idealisation?

    Happy Birthday nevertheless.

  12. Slurpee? Had to google it, thanks to wikipedia I found out that is something like cold cola. I think I will collect some information about Winnipeg - it seems to be an interesting place.

  13. Fammy: Thanks! I'll do that for sure! ;-)

    Deadbeat Dad: Goes both ways, huh.

    I certainly don't meet the physical ideals that advertising, movies, magazines, porn, etc. have set for women.

    But I do know that I am one sexy woman and am not a feminist....

    So, thank you for the birthday wishes.... they are graciously received.

    Mago: You can get a Coke Slurpee - have you ever had a Margarita? Frozen? Well, that is what a Slurpee is like - icy slush with pop flavouring it. Just no alcohol like a Margarita.

    Excellent on hot summer days when you are heading to the beach!

    Gotta watch out for brain freeze, though. I am sure Wiki will tell you what that is as well. ;-)

    Winnipeg is a very interesting place.... everyone should visit here at least once!

  14. No Margarethas here. I know sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia (ha!), hell yeah, best acquired with a straw and "Eiskaffee"! Awakes the Masochist in me ...
    "Cola" here in the woods is referring to any kind of lemonade, something flavoured.

    Hope you enjoy the day.

  15. Mago: Well, then you know that of which I speak, only a differing flavour.

  16. Be careful what pics you put up - I read this at work!!! lol

    Happy birthday!!!!!! 21, is it?! :)

  17. I terned 51 in Desembrrr. Bean 51 is easy as hell. You don't hav to pay no nevermind to other folks and you kin jus be yerself.

    It's alwaze a plehzure watchin you hav so much fun owt hear in the blogassfear. You really git them fellers goin'.

    Hav a wonderfall yeer!

  18. Happy belated birthday Ponita. Hope you had a lovely day.

    If you had that guy in your bed I'm sure it was. Mmmm. Save me a piece?

  19. Stace: Hey, he's got the important parts covered! *damn*

    I've never done the '21 for the rest of my life' kind of thing... I don't mind at all saying how old I really am, because I am proud of it - so it really IS 51!

    Bass: Thank you, Donn. It's a lot of fun, popping around and commenting, and yes, even getting the 'fellers' going! Don't get any action anywhere else, so... ;-)

    CyberPete: I was a good day, CP, thank you.

    Sorry! I hate sharing... especially that!

  20. 51 is fine! My parents are both in their early sixties, and are both still perfectly healthy and active - a little while ago I posted pics of them on my blog, and most people seem to think they look about 45-50 anyway :)

  21. Stace: I don't feel old at all... and I am not old. I figure I am at the half way point in my life.... so I'm still a youngster. But it is kinda weird to have very solid memories of things that happened 45 years ago.... because it doesn't seem like it was that long ago....

  22. Sweet jaysus where are my manners?

    A very happy if somewhat belated birthday, to a lovely lady indeed.

  23. Jimmy: Welcome and thank you so much... better late than never, I say!


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