Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Name Change Only

Upon being advised that my other blog could not be viewed on computers with certain setting constraints in place, I decided it was time to change the name from Ponyg!rl Ponderings to something a little less BDSM... hence Ponita in Real Life.

I discovered a couple of months after I started the first blog that Ponyg!rl had a meaning that I had not been aware of... one with x-rated characteristics that meant my blog would be blocked by certain systems that filter that kind of stuff out. Like some people's computers at work.

I only know this because someone I know told me. But I had been quite disconcerted about the alternate meaning of Ponyg!rl for some time, as that was totally unintended by me. I even wrote a post about it.

So... a new beginning. Same Ponita, same kind of stuff, same everything. I will figure out a way to transfer the old posts into the archives to preserve it all.

As I will be using this one regularly now, please be sure to bookmark the new me if I am on your blogroll. And I will go around to all my regular haunts to pass on the new change.


  1. "But I had been quite disconcerted about the alternate meaning of Ponyg!rl for some time, as that was totally unintended by me." lol.

    Reminds me of the poor girl who wrote a blog and called it "The Gloryhole". She had absolutely no idea, and therefore no idea why she got so many hits, lol. Until a couple of bloggers pointed out to her the significance of the name she had chosen, at which point, horrified, she closed it down.

  2. Ginro: Well, I wasn't horrified... And I was getting a lot of hits just because of that word... :-\

  3. As one the affected, I thank thee. :-)

    Welcome into my office, PonyGirl... tee hee hee...

  4. Morning ... changes everywhere! The apocalypse ...

  5. FammY: Ah, yes, well, as your Head Concubine, I do need to have access to everywhere you go... in case you need my, ahem... services? ;-)

    Mago: The only constant is change, as they say!

  6. welcome to your new home and I hope you'll be very happy here!

    Now we all have to say PONYGIRL PONYGIRL a few times and you'll still come up in those dodgy searches!

  7. Fammy and zIggI: You are both bad! Now, quit!

  8. I wonder who told you? Tee hee.

    Looking good, Ponita!

  9. MJ: Thanks... and that would be Fammy who told me, of course! I guess he missed me... ;-)

    Eros: Why, thank you! I decided to do a real header that will stay permanently instead of feeling like I have to change the picture all the time. Of course, the creative urge will probably hit again in the future and the header will change... but whatever!

  10. See, and I'd believe that if your hooties weren't all falling out of the front of your avatar there. yeah, right, gave up the old name for a less dirty one, didn't want the wrong kind of traffic; yeah, we BELIEVE YOU. suuuuuuuuure.

    i like all the purdy lavender. did you know that lesbians like to call themselves 'the lavender nation'?

    just can't win fer losin' huh.



  11. Hey! Snork all you want, woman! FN, I never said I wasn't sexy, now did I? I just said I wasn't into that Ponyg!rl kind of kinky sh*t!

    And I will have you know that I am half Icelandic, and apparently, we tend to favour the colour purple. (Or so I have been told by another Icelander type from around these parts, where we have the highest concentration of Icelandic people outside of Iceland.)

    So there....


  12. I just wonder who programs the software that blocks out all those bizarre dirty words most of us have never heard. How do they learn all that?

  13. do you like sweet or salty popcorn?

    Enjoy your new home!

  14. Imez: Thanks for the visit. I don't know but I bet they get paid way too much to find out all this stuff!

    Carnalis: Actually, I like both... but for a movie, must be salty. Sweet is for a tasty snack at any other time. Thanks for coming by!

  15. Honestly, it's news to me that your previous name had any other connotations. I'm keen to google it now and find out, but I'm at work and it sounds as though the results could be inappropriate!! Later :)

  16. I've never really understood that particular "ponygirl" kink. Why would a man want a pony for a playmate?

    Me? I prefer Bonobos.

    Just sayin'

  17. Jonas: Well, bonobos do like to play.... :-)

  18. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it. ;)

  19. I could have sworn it was me who told you!

  20. Stace: Oops! Missed you sneaking in there! Yeah, I had no idea either. Google it... all kinds of weird stuff comes up!

    Anna: Just not my style, but I'm not knocking it...

    MJ: Was it? Fammy told me privately. Did you say something when I did that post on the other blog? My apologies, Mistress, if I am mistaken. The memory gets a bit foggy as I get older.... ;-)

  21. Ponyg!rl, huh ? I was clueless as well.


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