Sunday, 11 January 2009

Invention Update

Well, it is working wonderfully!

Over the past couple of days that the Manitoba Moisture Maker has been in operation, the humidity in my house has climbed from a mind boggling (and body desiccating) LO to about 40%.

I am tickled pink! And no longer flaking quite so much.

When I am home, the large canning pot sits on the stove on medium heat, steaming away but not boiling. I check it periodically to top up the water contents. When I am not home, and at night when sleeping, I turn the stove off and just let it sit open to allow evaporation to take place on its own accord.

The cats are thanking me for not getting their noses and paws zapped when I pet them. The dog just doesn't seem to notice....

I have my application for a patent all ready to be sent in....


  1. That's great that it works! Nice job! Sometimes, I shower with the door open, so the humidity just flows outward to all the other rooms.

    That bunny vid is cool! It's fattening itself up to be ready to pass out them Easter eggs!

  2. Good job! I am happy for you.

    I am working on getting my hands properly hydrated. Thankfully it's not near as bad as if I was in Canadaland

  3. Eros: The bunny has been leaving little eggs all over hell's half acre here, what with all the munching it has been doing on the bushes in the front yard.... tiny chocolate eggs, from the looks of them....

    CyberPete: No, I am sure it is a tad moister where you live than here. My thumbs crack right through the skin all the time... hurts like hell and I have to glue them together. Which doesn't last cuz I wash them 5000 times a day.

  4. Ouch! How can you live in a place like that?

  5. CP: Well, I am sure if I wasn't a nurse, and didn't wash my hands so often, they wouldn't crack like they do. But.... you do what you gotta do, right? Glue and lots of lotion... that's how I live here. ;-)

  6. We call those little "chocolate" Easter eggs, Bunny McNuggets.


  7. Don't you miss getting zapped? Makes ya feel alive.
    It is going to be awful for the next couple of days...I can't believe that my forefathers left Russia and Sweden only to end up somewhere that is even colder!
    What are the odds?

  8. Laurie: hahahaha! Bunny McNuggets! That I will have to remember!

    Donn: And mine left Iceland and Russia for this pit.... Well, it is a pit in winter, anyway. It better warm up by the weekend like they keep saying.... or.. or... well, or ELSE!

  9. Wow - you'll make a fortune.
    My place and most similar modern flats have the opposite problem - condensation and all the problems (damp, mould etc) that go with it.
    Lots of people buy expensive dehumidifiers.
    I just try not to breathe out too much.

  10. wonderful! They say necessity is the mother of invention, whoever 'they' may be! I get cracked thumbs too so I would never survive in those temps - I'm complaining when it's -9 that's barely cool to you eh?!


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