Sunday, 18 January 2009


Well. I am rather proud of my self. My major undertaking with this computer upgrade was a success!

Not without stress and pitfalls and hair pulling, teethgnashing, swearing a blue streak and stomping away from it, but still a success. Finally... after a few hours of not knowing if I could pull it off because of various road blocks.


The patient survived and is functional. Fully... well, I don't know yet, but for the most part, yeah. I still have all my files, except for one folder of pictures of my dog.... that seems to be corrupted and causes the external hard drive to loop endlessly, for some reason, so I may have to resign myself to having lost those forever.

But I am now fast and funcitonal in Cyberland again, so I am a happy camper! Thanks to everyone for your words of support. :-)


  1. Hey - fast and furious! My congratulations to your success!

  2. Thank you, Mago! Feels good to be up and running again.

  3. Congrats. And would you say that it was the right choice? A better value upgrade than a new PC? Is the performance improvement noticable?

  4. Fammy: It is much faster! I think it was the right choice, yes. Certainly more affordable than a whole new computer. I just happen to have 439Gb of free space now!!!

  5. The label should be 'Trichotillomania'

  6. EC: As am I!

    MJ: No bald spots here... not quite that bad.

  7. Congratulations on job well done! Quite the accomplishment! I'm happy it all worked out great for you.

  8. Fantastic!

    I knew you could do it. I think there are things you can do to get stuff off corrupted harddrives. Look it up.

    I did hear one suggestion that involves the freezer but you'd better read up on that first to know the consequences of that.

  9. Eros: Thanks! It is now all functioning and I even got the new webcam up and running, although that in itself was a feat, as I had to hook the external hard drive up again just to install the software for the camera. What a pain in the ass....

    CyberPete: With everyone's encouragement and one person's computer knowledge, I got it all done.

    I am quite relieved it all works, because there were a few times when I thought I would have to pay someone to get it going for me. But perseverance and plain stubbornness has paid off!

  10. you're so clever! I'm very impressed and also jealous, I may never visit you again!


  11. Hooray!!!

    I've spent a fair portion of tonight fiddling with our computer... I manage to fix most things that go wrong with it - not because I'm very good with computers, I'm just patient and don't get angry with inanimate things :)

  12. Hope that package will arrive safe. Congratulations for your prize!

  13. zIggI: Just lots of work... not really so clever. And I do hope you will come back!

    Stace: Patience is a definite plus with these infernal machinesm isn't it?

    Maog: Thanks! Just wait for the photos to be posted on MJ's blog! Hahahaha!


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