Saturday, 10 January 2009

Hi Tech Humidifier

Here in the land of the frozen tundra... and frozen everything else... we have issues with dryness. When the air is bitterly cold, it doesn't hold much moisture. So 73% humidity at -30C is much, much drier than 73% humidity at, say, +2C.

And because most houses are heated with forced air furnaces, that heat dries what little moisture existed completely out of the air. My programmable thermostat has a humidity reading on it.... well, it used to, but now just reads low. I have seen it at 14%, so I am assuming that the cut off is 10%.

So, to combat the cats getting their noses zapped with blue sparks (ow!) everytime they sniff something, and the chronic nosebleeds that tend to occur when all your mucous membranes are dessicated beyond belief, I have some up with a high tech solution. I don't have the funds to have a central humidifier installed on the furnace, so I had to be creative.

I think I will have to apply for a patent on this invention. I call it the "Manitoba Moisture Maker".... what do you think? Will I get rich from it?


  1. Oh Ponita, I've been complaining about it being -8 here... I am a whinger. I may take up your idea because the furnace in my house is drying my skin... not a good look.

  2. Great idea! When I get colds I heat water, add peppermint drops and inhale the steam with a towel over my head.

    My mother swears it works but I am not entirely sure.

  3. Scarlet: Nothing attractive about looking like you are shedding your skin, is there! Definitely worth a try. I also have a coolmist humidifier I run in my bedroom at night, which also helps.

    Cyberpete: Try adding a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil instead of the peppermints... that really cleans out the sinuses! And it makes the house smell nice too.

  4. my issue is TOO MUCH DAMP at the moment. tradeja.

    *wanders off whistling 'Put a Little Steam On My Clothes*

  5. FN: Perhaps we could work out a trade to balance things out a bit?

    Although if we took any of your water, it would just be ice in two minutes and we'd still be too dry....

    I am not familiar with that tune...

  6. Reminds me that the old ovens often had a kind of "pocket" filled with water, ein Wasserschiff.

  7. How creative! That is an awesome idea. Vicks in bowl of hot water works for colds, too. The steam clears the passages and it smells invigorating!

  8. LOL! A bunch of friends came over yesterday to help me with a demo project here at the house, and we were being zapped alive from all the dryness - especially when it came to the electricity work! Project will continue, so Imagonna steal your invention, 'kay? (^_^)


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