Thursday, 5 March 2009


There is nothing new here.

No kitty disasters to report.

No slobber dog issues that are new.

The old cat is still kickin', although his snotty nose is kicking into high gear again. Gotta love a cat with allergies. *not!*

I work, I eat, I sometimes sleep, I have power surges up the yin yang, I surf and blog.

The internet dating gig is done... finis... adios. Given up on that completely, so no new complaints in that department either.

That is pretty much the extent of my life.

How boring is that....

On a positive note, it is only -1 here in Winterpeg so hopefully the bitterly cold of winter is past. However, in 1966, we had a whopper of a blizzard at this time of year that dumped enough snow on the region to close all vehicular traffic, unless it was a snowmobile. You had to tunnel through the snow to get out of your house. Schools were closed and we were tobogganing off the rooftops! What fun!

It better not happen this year.... I have no desire to go tobogganing, thanks. I was a kid then.... I am sure the adults at the time were going nuts.


  1. xoxoxo just because, sugar! ;)

  2. Savannah: Aw! Thanks, girlie! You're so sweet. :-)

  3. I hope the snot situation is done!

    I lived in Michigan for five years and never got tired of the snow. The life-long residents were the ones who tended to get cabin fever and take a mid-Winter break somewhere else. Is that the case there as well?

  4. Have you tried knitting cat booties? Sorry, this is a rubbish idea, but I'm feeling dull and listless too. And it's got colder again.
    You could always throw a blogging and cake party? That could be fun??

  5. XL: No, the snot situation is not entirely done, but that is the only thing remaining from my cold. I can handle it. ;-)

    Oh yes! Vacations to warmer climes are high on the list of necessities in this neck of the woods. I have been to Mexico a couple of times and can't wait til I can afford to go someplace warm again.

    What state do you live in?

    Scarlet: NO!! NO YARN!!! That Damn Cat will eat it and it will be another round of emergency surgery. My bank account can't take another hit like that.

    We are sitting at +1 right now and so far the freezing rain hasn't made an appearance. I am hoping it passes us by but am not betting on it. How cold is cold for you?

    Oh crap. You said cake. Now you know what will happen when MJ gets wind of that. (And that pun is *very* intended!)

  6. "What state do you live in?"

    Live in Austin, Texas. Too hot. Too dry, except when there are flash-floods. It has been mid-80F (30C) the last few days. Nice but, that just points to hot (100F / 40C) weather in the near future.

  7. Chin up and tits out as Miss Scarlet would no doubt advise , enjoy the quite time while it is here , its bound to all kick off again soon :-)

  8. Is that where the women are blurping?

    Ach Ponita, enjoy some quiet time as long as you can have it. It's not yet boring, a little later, you'll see.

  9. Hey, you're still here and everyday you're alive is a chance to do things that make you happy! So, listen to good music, dance in your living room, and eat and drink the good stuff! And keep taking those wonderful pictures. They capture some really great moments.

  10. XL: I've been to Austin a number of times. I lived in McAllen for two years in the mid 90's... know all about the heat. It was very humid in the Valley, which I can't stand. I then moved to San Diego for three years before heading back to Canuckistan for family reasons. Much nicer heat there.... very dry. :-)

    Beast: I've had lots of quiet times... and am getting quite tired of them. Quiet interspersed with manic, anxiety inducing, major $$$ outpouring activities is getting old. Some nice, steady not so quiet but not stressful times would be very welcome!

    Chin is always up and tits are always out... I have very good posture. *winks*

    MJ: Shhh! I think CyberPete will be having some when the FGES Competition is over.... go bother him.

    Scarlet: Now, don't you egg Mistress MJ on....

    Mago: Blurping? Oh pardon me... *covers mouth demurely*

    The only kind of action I get is the kind I don't need or want. The rest is boring but what can you do? *sighs*

    Eros: Thank you, my friend. And yes, I *do* do the things that make me happy. I really am not all that bored.... this is just a lull in the usual chaos that infects my life!

    The camera is always near to hand. :-)

  11. Well Ponita thanks for sending MJ 'round. She's been a huge help actually. I know it sounds strange to me too but MJ is a good girl.

    I heart MJ!

    I love dull, it beats chaotic any day of the week. Enjoy it while it lasts. Now come over and do more captions. That will be fun!

  12. Now, I have a snotty cat too, called Snuffles, and I have spent loads trying to get him sorted. He eats it too, when he can find it, otherwid=se, and this is the really disgusting part, he leaves it lying around. But what can you do - you can't just evict him or kill hiom cos of that - he's a nice cat!
    How do you ride ponies in -1?

  13. CyberPete: Glad to be of help!

    We all *heart* MJ, don't we?!

    Tom909: Mine only eats it if it is hanging on his face and his tongue finds it as he licks post sneezing. Otherwise it dries wherever it flies.

    -1? We ride in -20, man! Just not hard.... don't want to get the horse sweaty or breathing hard when it is that cold. Just a fact of life around here. Colder than -20 and everyone gets time off. :-)

  14. Forget the cats, forget the dogs.. forget the internet dating.. most certainly forget about the weather.

    Get yourself a rabbit...

    Call me when you're nearly done.

  15. Jimmy: Nice to see you out and about again. Hope the pain is under control.

    Rabbit gets a good workout already.... ;-)

  16. I'm fine hen.. mucho appreciato the kind words though.

    So.. this rabbit. Any photies?

  17. I feel ya. Too cold to leave the house, too soggy to garden, so I just finished cleaning out and sorting my kitchen cabinets. DANGER! THRILLS! EXCITEMENT! *snoooooooooooooooooooore*

  18. I had a cat with a food allergy. Oh, yes, I surely did. She dined on a hypo-allergenic diet of "roast duck with snow peas" at about umpteen dollars/ounce.

    I almost died of envy.


  19. Jimmy: Ah... no photos, sorry. Gotta be present in real life to see that. ;-)

    Nations: For excitement this weekend, I am going to paint two closet doors. White. How exciting is that?

    Jonas: I hear ya. My dog has an allergy to meat.... yes, you read that right. Meat. She can't eat anything except fish, so she gets dogfood that is wild salmon and sweet potato. One bag is $80. She weighs 100 lbs. One bag doesn't last all that long.... :-(

    Good thing I don't like salmon, or I might join her for dinner.


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