Monday, 30 March 2009

Dreams and Dances

As the Spring draws near... as the ice and snow and cold slip and slide slowly out of sight... my thoughts and emotions turn inward... and attention is paid to the longings and yearnings that have been laid aside.

One day... in the not too distant future... there will be a time for swirling across the sand... the sun warm on my skin.... the breeze warm through my hair.... waves lapping at my feet.

A dance builds within... the rhythm of life through the centre of my time.... slightly offbeat... strong and sensuous... limbs browned, swaying along the beach in layers of diaphanous folds... entwining and floating.

Dreams of a soul to share the dance... the warmth of a body entwined... of passions acted upon with words unspoken... thoughts and emotions sifting the winds between two.


  1. Hi Ponita,

    That's very poetic and beautifully written.


  2. I can't dance, but I do like to dream.

  3. Wonderful sentiments!

    I like to run and dance on the beach, too! Except I don't twirl on the beach with bed sheets...I use a beach towel!

  4. I'm impressed Pony-doll. Some wonderful prose coming from within you.

    Good for you hen... good for you!

  5. Wow:
    I can't wait to dance the dance and share the passion.
    But I think I'll pass on the diaphanous folds.
    If that's OK.

  6. I have a good feeling about this summer for you.

  7. I had better not catch you wearing socks with sandals.

    Or those g.d. CROCS!

  8. U: Thanks!

    XL: I do both... probably too much of the dreaming part, but what the hell...

    Eros: A pareo is much classier than either a bed sheet or a towel!

    Jimmy: Sometimes I can put something more creative out there than the usual running commentary of my life. :-)

    Kaz: Feel free to wear what you wish... diaphanous is optional.

    Map: ((hugs))

    Anna: I hope your feeling is right! I could use something good this year. We'll see!

    MJ: Socks! Never!! I always have tan lines on my feet in the summer from sandals... I *live* in them.

    I only wear crocs in the house as slippers... due to chronic foot problems, I can't go barefoot and they offer the right support and cushioning. They are comfy, you know... even if they are ugly.

  9. And what a fine new avatar!

  10. Mago: Thanks, hon... on both counts! :-)

  11. Nice new avatar. Any special meaning? I got in trouble at Infomaniac for changing mine.

    Oh Hai MJ!

  12. Oh Hai XL!

    I got in trouble at Infomaniac for changing mine.

    And don't you forget it!

  13. XL: That is a picture from a Halloween party in 1984... no special meaning other than I think it is a great photo. Nice to know someone else does too! Thx!

    And since I have changed mine umpteen times since I started blogging, no one can give me hell for it. I would probably just ignore them if they did.

    *looks sideways at MJ*

    MJ: Don't give him hell here.... this a *nice* place... ;-)

  14. Knowing me I would get all wrapped up in something like that, fall headfirst into the sand and miss meeting the man of my dreams who would pass by thinking I'm only a pile of linen on the ground.


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