Monday, 9 March 2009

Invasion Update

I just got off the phone with my friend, Debbie.... the one who has bladder cancer.

She had surgery today and it is all good news! The surgeon said he removed the tumour cleanly and there was only the one. Plus it was superficial, meaning it had not invaded the muscle of the bladder wall. So detection was early and eradication was swift.

At this point, it is not officially known if it is cancerous but the surgeon felt it was, by it's appearance and his experience with these types of tumours. It has been sent to the lab for biopsy. He was quite confident that it was removed early enough that chemo or radiation may not be necessary. She will be followed regularly and closely, however, given the family history.

So my conversation with Debbie was upbeat, not only because it was good news but because she was pretty stoned on pain meds. LOL! What the hell! Might as well have a good time while you're out of commission for a bit!

Her attitude is this: she will not be a cancer survivor... in her mind, that implies weakness and being a victim. She is henceforth known as The Debinator - Cancer Terminator. I coined that term last night when talking to her on the phone and we had a good laugh! She is now using it freely.

She has been overwhelmed by the number of people who care about her... emails and phone calls and visits (especially at the surgery centre, where she had worked in the past and knew lots of staff there, and they all stopped by to see her and wish her well). I also told her about the thoughts and wishes of all you bloggers out here, and she asked me to thank each and every one of you for that.

I want to thank all of you as well. She is so near and dear to my heart, it is hard to explain to some people. She is more than a friend and more than a sister (we *are* family, even if we are not related by blood) to me. I love her more than I could ever express and the cloud hanging over my heart is lightened by her news and by the caring and support of all of you.

Again... thank you.... I *heart* you all.


  1. perfect news, sugar! happy dancing for all ya'll! ;) xoxox

  2. Hi Ponita,

    I'm glad to hear the good news of your friend, "The Debinator"


  3. So let's knock on wood!

  4. Ah, such great news! I'm happy for your friend and for you. These are the times that remind us of who is really important and what really matters in life. Good news indeed. Thanks for updating us on the developments.

  5. Excellent news hen.. I'm genuinely happy for you both. Now you can relax!

  6. I just read the initial post about her cancer and I am so thrilled to read this update!

  7. Everyone: Thanks for your comments. I spoke to her just a short time ago and she is feeling great. No post-op problems at all.

    All the good vibes are doin' it! She is thrilled and so am I!

  8. That's just wonderful, I'm really glad to hear the good news!

  9. What great news! I'm always so glad to hear great news. Best to both of you!

  10. Fantastic news - all the very best to you both!

  11. I'm doing the happy dance here!


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