Friday, 13 March 2009

It Always Ends Up Like This...


  1. After minor technical difficulties and a slight time delay, the post is posted.... :-)

  2. Hi Ponita,

    Glad to see the TD was resolved. Nice clip of the kitten playing with the comb :-)

    Hey, I didn't say "people who drove trucks were country bumpkins". I just meant growing up in Chicago, I created an urban style for myself. Would you believe some of my best friends drive trucks?


  3. Hey, is that Anne Murray playing in the background?

    [ducks thrown glob of cat hair]

  4. The U: TD would have been resolved earlier if I hadn't had a meeting to bugger off to.... on my day off, no less.

    Yeah, I know you didn't say that... and I didn't grow up in the country either, but still prefer a truck. I like being able to see through traffic and up here having a 4x4 is very handy in the winter.

    I am always amazed at how many guys here in the city have these giant, accessorized trucks with huge knobby tires and lift kits and all the off-road gear.... and they never ever go off roading... cuz then it would get dirty. Wusses!

    XL: Nooooo.... that was Jann Arden, another Canadian singer extraordinaire. Pfffff!

    *throws 'regurgitated' hairball at XL*

  5. Give that cat a few more years...mebbe a decade...and (s)he'll wallow in pleasure as (s)he's combed. Sorry I forgot your cat's name and gender. My bad.

    I'm a big Jann Arden fan. However, I do not know if she enjoys being combed.

  6. "if I hadn't had a meeting to bugger off to...."

    For meeting, read swingers party!

  7. Jonas: I have a feeling she will still be trying to kill the comb in a decade or so...

    You would have to ask Jann yourself.

    Jimmy: At times, I wish for such excitement in my life.... well, no, actually I just wish for a man in my life.

    But there aren't any here....

  8. Somebody HAS to say it! Nothing nicer than combing a pussy!

  9. Mapstew: Well, it's about time! I've been waiting for someone to make a lewd comment and no one has taken the bait until now.

    Congratulations... you win... what, I don't know, but you win!

  10. You could use a mouse ... ?

  11. Mago: That's a snack... she used to be a barn cat so is well versed in the munchings of mouses... num num num

  12. Du bist albern!
    (That is no insult, but a very friendly expression:)

  13. Aw, cute kitteh iz cute! And why do I slip into lolcat speak every time I see a cat now? Way too much time on the computer perhaps?!

    Anyhoo, greetings and salutations, "neighbour". I finally made it over here to reciprocate. I'm slower than molasses in January about a lot of things these days, but I do get around to stuff eventually!

    Have you seen the weather forecast for the next few days? All together now ... WHOO HOO! Now we can save up our snarks for mosquito season, n'est ce pas? ;)

    Glad to see the great news about your bestie friend. Thrilled to bits for both of you!

  14. Well, at least the cat is easily entertained and not running away.

  15. Mago: She is very silly - the world is her playground, so everything in it is a toy!

    Eleanor: Hi Neighbour! (As we in Transcona like to say.) And welcome. Wuhoo is right! It's about frikking time, isn't it?!

    I love those lolcats... and I have two of my own that make me laugh... especially this one.

    Hope things are improving for you. And thank you about my friend... she's doing well and will be coming up for a visit the end of April. Can't wait to see her!

  16. My Pussy likes being stroked.
    ...hell another lewd comment, but resistance is futile...

  17. Scarlet: Mine too.... and I wouldn't resist at all. ;-)

  18. I used to have a cat I'd have to pin down at the end to finish brushing because he wouldn't stop attacking. I miss that fat ass cat.

  19. HoodChick: My other cat just detests being combed. It is a major fight each time... and he is longer haired than Pips, and sheds a lot more, and gets more mats. He is also the one who spews regurgitated hairballs all over the house. That, I won't miss when he dies... he is almost 15 but still in very good shape. He will probably live to be 25 simply because he is so cantankerous.

  20. My dad uses something like this on the family cat:

    She LOVES it, it's like being patted but also effectively grooms her :)

  21. "It always ends like this"



    This is no lewd comment!

  22. Well at least she didn't take a bite out of you, which is what happens when I try to comb my feline (note this is NOT a lewd comment). :)

  23. Stace: Pips would probably love that thing. I will see if they have something like that up here. Thanks!

    Mago: Not rolling, hon... attacking the comb! She is such a squirmy little thing and is always trying to play with the comb that it is almost impossible to complete the task. :-)

    Laurie: That would be my other cat... who *has* tried to bite and scratch me and growls frequently when combed.... he *hates* it! I have to pin him down... and he is the one with the very thick and fluffy coat, of course.

  24. I have this friend, his wife has a fondness for cats, and gardening.
    When last I visited, on entering his abode he asked if I'd seen his beloved on the way . I described what I had seen on passing thru' his well kept garden, seeing as I had, Herself cutting back the shruberry and rubbing the cat.
    Yes I said, She's in the front yard, trimming her bush and stroking her pussy!

  25. Mapstew: OMG! That is too funny! I would have laughed out loud if someone told me that...

  26. At least the cat is getting some exercise! I've never had to comb any cats; but most of our cats were short haired so I never had to worry about combing them.

    I was at a friend's place one time when her white fluffy cat decided to get affectionate. By the time I left, my black sweatshirt looked like a white mohair sweater!


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