Sunday, 13 May 2018

Sunny Sunday

It has been a beautiful sunny and warm weekend here in Central Canadia. Today it is Mother's Day here but as no one's mother (no, I am not my cats' mum!), I only offer my celebratory salutations to those I know who have children.

As is her wont in warm sunny weather, Pips demanded I take her outside. She would prefer I just open the door and let her out to wander and do whatever cats do, but I really have no desire to scrape her carcass off the pavement, or pay large vets bills for injuries, or have her just disappear for ever. So she is supervised, much to her chagrin.

We both lounged around the yard for a while, she rolling in the dirt and me lounging in a chair listen to a podcast (and sipping a tropical cider, a local brew of pineapple, cherry and pear juices). As she kept eyeing a tree to scale (from whence she could jump the fence and escape into the neighbour's yard), I got her harness and leash and we went for a walk outside the yard.

She doesn't always walk down the sidewalk (in fact, she often just sits in one spot), but when she does, she walks down the sidewalk like a boss. And afterwards, because it is a pretty warm day (and we aren't used to the heat yet as it has been pretty cool so far this spring) and she is mostly black, she had to lie down in the shady dusty lane for a bit to cool off.

Wishing everyone a quiet and peaceful week ahead.


  1. Miss Pips looks very jaunty on her walk!

    Have a good week.

  2. Miss Pips walks better than Sid the dog! Pets, eh, impossible to explain to them what's good for them.

  3. I'm happy y'all are finally getting some wonderful warm weather and you and Pips enjoyed a lovely stroll in the neighborhood. The tropical drink sounds fantastic!

  4. Glad y'all are enjoying some lovely weather after that wild and LONG winter! I'm cracking up at the gator pic on your phone because those sightings are par for the course here in the Lowcountry! xoxo

  5. Mixed bag of weather here, but we did get to the coast yesterday. not warm enough for swimming yet though.


  6. Inspecting what has to be inspected.
    Nice to see that you gave Ms Pips an aering.

  7. At least she's not 95 pounds of enthusiasm trying to DRAG you in the direction most wanted. :)

  8. Beautifully behaved and looking lovely. Was that a rumble of thunder I heard?


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