Sunday, 6 May 2018

It's a.... Chicken?

I had Pips out in the yard the other day, as it was a lovely warm sunny day. She did her usual roll around in the dirt and then was sitting by the juniper when a large grey squirrel came strolling along the power lines.

It did not do the usually chirp and chatter at the cat (and probably me also) but instead stopped and watched quietly for a while. Then it started doing a credible chicken impression. (Have the sound turned up and everything else off... It was quite a ways off and there is background noise, including the occasional meow from Pips.) You be the judge.


  1. LMBO! That's a squirrel's pissed off sound, but now that you mention it, DOES sound like a chicken!! xoxo

  2. Yeah, the squirrels are always pissed off when they see the cat, but they don't usually say it in Chickenish! xoxo

  3. Squirrels are nuts anyway! Perhaps this one was hoping for some corn!

  4. Ha!! Yep, one cross squirrel!


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