Friday, 4 May 2018

A Tad Breezy

Last Sunday, I had to finish off the yard work I had started a couple of days before. I have this big old Chinese elm tree in the back yard and it spits leaves and twigs well after the snow falls so every spring I have a mess to clean up. A mess of leaves stuck to the ground and twigs flung everywhere in the yard. I hate that tree but who has a spare $2K to get it cut down? Most certainly not me!

I had already raked up four large bags of the debris and really wanted to get it finished, but it was such a windy day! Here, see for yourself:

It was beautifully warm and got up to 24C so I couldn't complain about that. But I sure did about that wind! Pips, however, just doesn't care about the wind as it ruffles through her fur. She was out with me for part of the day.

She loves to be outside. I think I need to build a catio that can be dismantled (for winter storage) so I can put her outside without the fear of her escaping the yard, and also making it unnecessary for me to supervise the whole time. She has been known to scale one of the trees, get on the shed's roof and hop the fence into the neighbour's yard. Nope! Not going to a roaming kitty, Pips! And perhaps if I had a shelter in the catio, I could convince Lila that being outside isn't such a horrifying experience. (She runs away as soon as you open a door to the big unknown! Such a chicken.)

And because I did get a total of 7 bags of debris out of the yard, and because of the 75 kph winds on that day, I inhaled a bunch of it and now have a cough. And a bit of yellowish gunk. But overall, I actually don't feel bad. So I really don't think this is a cold at all, just a case of dusty lungs.

But not this kind of dusty lungs:
Dusty Lungs

However, if the coughing gets worse, or sticks around much longer, I will seek medical attention. Have no fear.

Edit: I just watched the videos after publishing this post and because I downsized the files to not be too large, it looks like there's sparkles everywhere! Hahaha! Note to self: don't go so small in the future.


  1. ? Is moderation on ? Where's my comment from some hours ago ?

    1. I don't use moderation and I have no idea where your previous comment is. I checked the spam folder and there is nothing there. So.... I don't know!

  2. Darling - You are the first person I hear saying "Holey Moley" !
    And btw it is nice to hear you - did you answer Pips ? I could swear that you started a conversation with the happy bundle of joy.
    COngratulations of the new design, it looks all colourful and nice.

    Excuse me for asking, I do not want to be negative or such, but there is no possibility that this tree (or another one) may fall on yer house ? But when it survived 75 kph and did not creak, why should it do it anyway.
    I hope your cough will vanish as fast as it arrived - take care, dearest Ponita !

    1. I always answer Pips! We have some pretty long winded conversations, she and I.

      No, that tree is in no danger of falling on the house. It is pretty solid. We often have winds like that so the trees here grow long roots to keep them well anchored.

      I stopped at the pharmacy and picked up some expectorant syrup to hopefully loosen the crud so I can get it out when I cough. Thanks, Mago!

  3. Whoa! That's some windy weather! Miss Pips certainly is enjoying the sun and breeze! A Catio could be fun.

    1. When you live in a geographical area that is almost as flat as a table top, and there is nothing to slow that wind down, it blows hard on a regular basis. I will have to look at catio designs to see what I can come up with.

  4. That was a neat vid of the windy weather! Those are some strong trees to not break during the winds. And Pips certainly was built for outdoor adventure! She looks like she's having a grand time rolling in the fresh air and feeling that breeze!

    Your yard looks charming and comfortable. I would be lazy and turn all that leaf and twig debris into compost right in the yard. I would spin my laziness as being green and environmentally friendly!

    1. I don't really have space for a compost pile, and since I don't really 'garden' either, not really a feasible option. The city I live in does use it for compost though.

  5. 2k to remove a tree!! It shouldn't cost that much, that's outrageous.
    Sid runs away from the wind - he also seems to blame me for the wind, and glares at me whenever he is ambushed by greenery.
    It is good to hear your voice, you have a mellow lilt - a voice for reading books aloud - I hope your cough gets better.

    1. That tree is about 7'-8' in diameter and easily 50' tall so it is a pretty good size. Tree removal is not inexpensive around here.
      Lila is terrified of the outdoors; Pips love it! She obviously doesn't care about the wind. As long as it isn't raining, or really cold, she is game!
      The cough lingers. My mum read books for the CNIB (Canadian Institute for the Blind) years ago. She had a fabulous voice! I don't know that mine is as good, but have been told I have an expressive voice. Thanks! xoxo


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