Wednesday, 6 September 2017

He's healing

Frosti's toes are healing well. Having scorched feet really didn't slow him down much at all. Once in a while, he would sit down and hold this one up. All four of those little pads were burned. I am sure it hurt, but animals are so stoic, because showing weakness usually means death in the wild. 

Despite my house NOT being the Wild, cats usually deal with a lot more pain than we ever know. Same goes for dogs, and probably all animals. We humans are pretty wimpy when it comes to dealing with aches and pains, aren't we?

So, as you can see, his little beans are peeling but they will soon be back to their pre-Incident condition. He has been running around, playing and chasing the girls as per usual. He has not jumped on the top of the back door yet. Nor on the stove. I made myself an omelet this morning, and because I did not want to sit in the kitchen to eat and supervise the hot element as it cooled, I did this:

It worked. He didn't (and hasn't yet) jumped on the stove since The Incident. Hopefully, he never does again!!


  1. Excellent thinking on the burner shield!

    Very pleased that Frosti's fingers are healing. While his fingerprints are like that, this might be a good time for him to do a little cat buglering. Just saying.

  2. You're right! Once his toes heal completely, he won't have the same paw prints!! I might have to dye him black though... all that white fur sticks out like a sore thumb!!

  3. You know that cats make me sneeze/choke, but I am really glad Frosti's healing! xoxoxo

    1. Well, I guess visiting my house is out of the question then. And thanks, he is all healed up now as as much a pain in the ass as ever!! xoxoxo

  4. Glad he's better! Such nosy little critters, aren't they?

  5. When you do all this home improofement, and busily rip walls out and rebuilt things - at least that is what I see before my inner eye - I know you follow a clever & detailed plan etc., but I looked out of my window and realised that the first autumn storm is arriving here, perhaps this happens in your area too ? Will you have finished all your tasks before rain, snow, and those six months of darkness will take over ?

  6. Glad to hear your cat is healing well. And what a creative solution to a dangerous problem!

    P.S. What a lovely and vibrant header foto! Fantastic work! Fabulous subjects!

  7. Glad to see that Frosti is on the mend and that he's not tried to jump on the stove again!


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