Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Hot Paws

Frosti is a little maniac. A cute, often cuddly, rambunctious maniac. And he often goes where he shouldn't.

Which is exactly what he did on Sunday. I made myself a grilled ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Frosti is very food obsessed, much like a lot of dogs. So after I had removed my sandwich from the pan, and moved said pan off the hot element so the butter would not burn, I turned my back on the stove.

And Frosti jumped up on it, avoiding the hot pan.

Landing on the hot element!!!

He leaped off the stove with lightning reflexes and ran downstairs. Those reflexes were not quite fast enough to spare his toes a scorching, however. 

He ran back upstairs, and sat down, holding his right front foot up. I could see a shred of skin hanging, so I picked him up and took a look.

Sure enough, he had blistered all four small pads on his right foot and two of the small pads on his left. I made the call to the vet and took him in. He spent the night and I picked him up after work on Monday.

Because his burns are 1st degree and were dry by Monday, his paws were not bandaged. I don't think he would have tolerated that anyway and more than likely would have tried to chew any bandages off. He is on pain meds and antibiotics now a few days and I have been feeding him treats before and after his medications. That makes it much easier to stuff a pill down his throat!! Like I said, he is food obsessed.

So, you would think this would slow him down, having sore tootsies, right? Noooo. After I brought him home, as it was supper time, I got the wet cat food out of the fridge and started dishing it up. And Frosti jumped up on the counter beside me. *sigh* He runs around and plays, but does spend a bit more time lounging around. He sometimes sits, and will hold his right paw off the floor for a minute. But he hasn't stopped chasing the other cats around (much to their dismay), or jumping up on things (although he hasn't been on the top of the back door yet).

His goofy self is still very much intact, as is evidenced by the photos I took of him in his carrier after picking him up from the vet's. He sat there, like that... what a clown! (No, he is not spaced out from the drugs.)

You should have seen Lila when we came home. Both girls met us at the door, but when I put the carrier down and let Frosti out, Lila took off down the basement, where she stayed for about 3 hours. She wouldn't even come upstairs for food!!! I am completely certain she is totally pissed off that the little bastard came back!!! ๐Ÿ˜œ


  1. He's so cute! Honestly, I'm still laughing at the photos! I am glad the burns weren't more serious. xoxox

    1. He is adorable, and a monster at the same time!! I hope he outgrows the monster bit and remains adorable.

  2. OUCH! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    That last photo is great. Shows off his lively personality. Condolences to Lila.

    1. He's doing well, other than the diarrhea he now has from the antibiotics. I am going to the vet to pick up some probiotic powder for him today.

      That last photo definitely is him through and through!! Lila is back to her normal grumpy self. ;-)

  3. Yep. I'm beginning to think our "pet kids" are related. Quick, like to eat and can get in trouble in less than 30 seconds. Sigh. Hope your little man feels better soon. (And you and the girls get some rest) ;)

  4. Awwww... poor thing!! And he didn't learn. Sigh. I am very pleased this incident hasn't dampened his spirit though.


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