Sunday, 8 January 2017

New look for a New Year

I felt the need to include Tanner in my blog header, as he is well immersed in the family. Only fair that he get to pose at the top with the girls. This is one of the few photos I have of the three of them in the same place at the same time. They all have their favourite lounging spots, and rarely are they near each other. So I took advantage and grabbed my phone and voila!

And, because I can't leave well enough alone, I used the Prisma app and played with the texture and colours and again... voila!

Pips turned 10 on Jan. 1st. An arbitrary birthday, as I adopted her in June of 2008 and was told she was 1 1/2 years old. So New Years baby she is! She is healthy and active, and my number 1 snuggle bum.

I hope all of you are well and happy and healthy. Things are fine on my end, although the ongoing gazillion renovation related things I need to do have stalled. Now that the holiday season is ended perhaps I will get motivated to get things done. Lots of nit picky stuff before any other big projects can move forward.

Drop by when you have a chance! I will do the same.


  1. Aawwwhh ... :)

  2. I take it that by 'stalled' you mean that you actually sat down for five minutes?!!!
    Love the new header, and all the very best for 2017!!

  3. I love the header - who needs to be able to paint any more? - which I certainly can't do.

  4. Wonderful header! Perfectly captures the moment. Well done.

    Happy Birthday Pips!

  5. LOVE the new header and you, of course! You write and I'll read, sweetpea! xoxox

  6. I agree with the others: What a gorgeous header! Wonderful and spectacular job, Ponita! Change is good, and it looks great here. Best of health and good luck to you and your projects. We look forward to hearing updates from you and are happy to have you back with us.

  7. Gee, can your ego take another "Wow, love that header!"? :)

    That kind of change is good. From one "renovator" to another....naps are also good. Happy Year to you and the "kids".


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