Thursday, 10 June 2010

Since you've asked...

... for an update on the date situation, here it is.

Mr. OnceInaWhile (aka Shorty per XL) is (as before) still non-committal and still there. Casual dating, I guess it is called. Only problem is, the more I see him, the more I want to see him. I guess I'm gonna have to talk to him one of these days. That won't have the opportunity to happen for probably a couple of weeks, due to work schedules (mine), business trips (his) and visitors (mine). So if and when that time arrives, I'll let you know the outcome.

Regarding Guy A and Guy B.

Well, met with Guy A last Saturday and spend a couple hours wandering about The Forks in the centre of Winnipeg on a pleasant but slightly overcast day. We each got a cup of tea and then wandered and sat and wandered and talked. I can't say I felt an instant connection with him. He's interesting to talk to, but the more we talked the more I realized we are on different ends of the spectrum with a few things in life, like religion (yes for him and absolutely not for me), healthy living (organic all the way for him, whatever I like for me), colourful language (nada for him and whenever the fancy strikes me but within acceptable limits for me).

So just don't think anything is going to come of that. He did email me a couple of days after we met to see when we could get together again but when I told him my availability this week, his free relationship seminars took precedence over a second meeting. When he suggested we could perhaps listen to one together, I said that was a bit 'heavy' for a first date... :-\

Guy B and I met last night at a local coffee shop and had a very comfortable chat over tea. No awkward pauses, just easy conversation about all kinds of stuff. We set up Sunday afternoon as a next meeting. I sent an email last night saying it was a pleasure to meet him, and looking forward to spending more time on Sunday getting to know him. Today I received an email saying he had very big reservations about me not having children (he has two and is very involved with them - he is the custodial parent), assuming that because I have none, I would not understand the commitment one has to make to be a good parent. He also stated that he doesn't really care for pets, and as everyone knows, my animal companions are important to me. So I guess that one is a complete no-go. Which is too bad, because it felt pretty comfortable... both our numerous phone conversations and the face to face one as well. I've replied to his email but don't know if I will hear from him again...

I guess it is back to the pond to cast the line in again. *sigh*

Or perhaps I should just forget the whole damn thing. Or stick with the casual thing with Shorty.



  1. Oh honey... guys can be a pain in the arse, sometimes, can't they?! (Let's forget that gals can be too!) :D

    Here's hoping Guy C will come along and knock them all into the water! xx

  2. I was thinking the same thing...maybe THIRD time's the charm.

    Don't give up...all of us here know you're worth more than what you've discovered thus far.

  3. Man dem Canadian feckkers are one pain in the arse! Wussies, the (w)hole lot of 'em! :¬!

  4. Helga: The whole dating at midlife thing is a major pain in the arse... :-\

    Hope: Third???? Do you know how many men I've met over the past three years? Face to face with about 15... dated three seriously... tried to get something going with two others, and now this casual thing with Shorty... It's gonna be the death of me, I swear.

    Map: I totally agree with your highly educated assessment. ;-)

  5. Any sign of that young Hoge?

  6. LOL at Map.

    At least Guy B gave you concrete reasons, rather than leaving you to wonder. And I assume you've told (or will tell) Guy A your reasons for not pursuing a relationship.

    I've still got my US dollars on Shorty. Maybe he's overly cautious, or downright slow, but as he comes around the fourth turn I expect him to pick up a burst of speed and win by a nose in a photo-finish. (2 bucks to win.)(What the hell, make it 4 bucks to win.)

  7. Map: Hoge??? Should there be??? If he's still in Vancouver, he's a good 2600 kms away from where I am. Besides, that's completely robbing the cradle!!! ;-)

    Charlie: Hoping yours is the winning bet... thanks! And yes, I did give Guy A my reasons. Have not heard a peep from either but I don't really expect to.

  8. If nothing else at least you are out there meeting new and interesting people. Much better than sitting at home pining! Don't give up. Even if Mr Right doesn't turn up tomorrow you can look forward to more fun with non-commital and good chats with apparently nice people.

    At least you don't seem to have picked up any real weirdo serial killer types!! Could be worse.

  9. What, in God's name, is a relationship seminar? It is what I think it is? Do men who attend relationship seminars have the works of Air Supply loaded on their iPod? Maybe he's not for you. Kudos to Guy B for being for forthcoming and not jerking you around for nine months and then dumping these revelations about your differences.

  10. I admire you for going out there and being open to what could be. And you're certainly brave to keep going out there, even after things don't always quite work out the way you want them.

    But you are out there, still living your life, and at the very least, you are finding what you don't like or won't gel with you, making it all that easier to narrow down who or what kind of guy you're actually looking for. Who knows, love and life happen when we least expect it.

    And I'm really glad that guy B didn't jerk you around and gave you good reasons. It's very rare to find a dad who actually puts his kids first these days. And I'm glad you gave guy A a chance before you realize that you two just won't work out. That's life. We just keep on moving forward. There could be treasure just up ahead when we least expect it.

  11. i like shorty to win, sugar! ;~D xoxoxoxo

    (i'm so out of the dating loop, honey, but i do believe that when it's right, you'll KNOW! and so will he!!)

  12. Get Shorty! And I find the idea of a relationship seminar rather baffling. Do you have to go as a pair? Or can you go along by yourself?

  13. Odd Bob: Yes, I've met some nice people, and yes, it's fun with Shorty... but it is also quite frustrating, as I am ready for so much more than just casual dating.

    UB: Well, I don't know what kind of music he listens to... but I'm thinking the seminar is telling you how to keep a relationship healthy, or something like that.

    Yes, Guy B at least had the balls to be upfront with me. I told him I appreciated that and understood... he told me I had class. I also told him I was disappointed... and I've not heard from him again so that's that.

    Eros: You, my dear, always find the positive in everything! xoxo

    Savannah: I'm doing my best to be patient with him... and hope he figures things out. I'd like him to win too. xoxo

    Madame: I get him whenever I can! ;-)

    I think you can do the seminars as a couple or a single... it's just information, after all. Not like a counseling session...


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