Friday, 6 November 2009

Mad.. as in Hatter

At work today, someone had left lying about a copy a a small magazine entitled 'Preview'.

It gives little write-ups about up and coming movies, telling who stars in them, the basic story line, and when they are to be released.

Now, being single, I don't often go to the movie theatre by myself. On occasion, my sister and I will go. But most often, I wait until it is out on the TV pay per view thingie and watch in the comfort of my own home.

The popcorn is a lot cheaper, and the bathroom much closer.

But the cover of this particular issue razzle dazzled my eyes... Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland... ooooo, I can't wait! It is even being released as a 3D Imax film! The photo spread was very reminiscent of how things look when dropping acid, before the hallucinations really set in... Not that I speak from experience or anything. ahem

The ever fabulous Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.
Can't you just see this being a fave costume for Halloween in 2010??

Helena Bonham Carter is the Red Queen... deliciously wicked, is she not?

Tweedledee and Tweedledum...

Anne Hathaway is elegant as the White Queen...

Some of the photos in this little spread made me realize that this probably isn't a film to take the little ones to see. And being a Tim Burton flick, you can bet it will have its own special twist!


  1. Oh, thank you for posting this! I had heard that Burton was working on this but had not seen the stills. Yes, oh, yes. I gotta see it!

  2. Depp and Bonham-Carter are a perfect team - Did you see them in Sweeney Todd? - Fantastic!
    And that looks like Matt Lucas as Tweedledee/dum!
    Cheers for this, I reckon I'd like to see this on the big screen.

  3. The last (and only) film I saw in Imax was The Rolling Stones 'Shine a Light'.
    Good, but hardly beautiful to behold.
    This one should be stunning!

  4. Hi Ponita,

    Helena Bonham Carter is one of my favorite actresses from England; a talented and very appealing woman.

    I'm not a big Tim Burton fan but he has his own distinct style that separates him from other directors.


  5. thank you, thank you, thank you, sugar, for posting this! i've been out of the loop cinematically speaking, so i'll be looking for this! xoxoxo

  6. Yes, this is one to see. KateNap is in love with the divine trinity which be Burton/Depp/Bonham-Carter! So I will probably see it with her.

    Went to see 'Up' in 3D with the Youngest last week. Just fantastic. The cinema was packed with little ones whose laughter made the whole experience a joyous wonder!


  7. oh yes doesn't it look good!
    Although I have never been to an Imax or taken (dropped?? really?) acid. Should I add both to my list of must do before I die?

  8. Put Burtons's name to anything, and it will shine like gold through shite.

    Acid huh? bad..bad girl.

  9. XL: You're welcome! It's coming out in the spring. Wanna make it a date??? ;-)

    Scarlet: I've not seen Burton's Sweeney Todd. Need to rent that one. I have been involved in a stage production of that, though, many years ago - as a set hand. Was great fun!

    Kaz: I've never actually seen anything IMax, so I hope this comes here in that format.

    U: Yeah, Burton has his own style, doesn't he? But I quite like it, myself! :-)

    Savannah: Welcome, welcome, welcome! It will be great fun, I am sure! xoxo

    Map: 'Up' is on the list of things to see as well. Have heard excellent things about it. xoxox

    zIggI: Guess I am one ahead of you!

    Jimmy: I, um, 'experimented' in my youth. So that was more than 25 years ago and just a couple times. I tried stuff but drugs just weren't my thing.

    Everyone does something wild in their younger years, don't they?


    Don't they?????


  10. I'm looking forward to this. I like Tim Burton's stuff--Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare before Christmas, etc. He does some really quirky and creative things in his films.

  11. Hadn't heard about this one. Don't really like Alice in Wonderland (gave me the creeps when I was younger), so may have to watch this through my fingers.

  12. "Wanna make it a date???"

    Yes! You bring the acid, I'll buy the drinks and popcorn! :p

  13. I watched the trailer for this yesterday, and I was a little bit underwhelmed … which is a shame as I *love* Tim Burton movies.


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