Wednesday, 7 September 2022

Seat yourself

 After the house sold, and I had the money in my bank account, I had gone and ordered a new sofa and ottoman from La-Z-Boy Furniture. I have a recliner made by them and it is well made and quite comfortable. For many months now, that recliner and a lawn chair have been the only seating in the house!

As of noon today, I now have proper furniture in my living room. La-Z-Boy had originally told me it could be six months before I got the couch, but late last week, I got a surprise call from them that the couch was ready to be delivered! Needless to say, I was very pleasantly surprised.

I can see on the label that these pieces were built in Tennessee. Apparently, there are only 5 factories that build the La-Z-Boy furniture, hence the long wait. I am just so excited that I can have more than one person over at a time!!

Maybe the cats will now sleep on the couch, instead of all over me. (I still prefer to sit in my recliner, because, well, it reclines!) Andi spent time having a bath on it and then a nap, and then another bath. Everyone else has been in their usual spots. Aska is on the cat tree in their room, Lila is on the window ledge, and Pips was on my chest for a bit and is now lying curled up between my lower legs.

The "sheepskin" on the back protects it from Pips.
That is her favourite area of attack.

Bath time!!

Andi approved.


  1. Congratulations to the new furniture ! If it is only half as comfortable as it looks I would not leave it for the time being ...

    1. It is very comfortable, Mr. Mago! I have had a couple of friends tell me such, so it is not just my own opinion.


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