Monday, 1 July 2019

Losing a friend

One of my favourite bloggers, LX, posted his last the other day. Cancer is taking its toll. He has many friends amongst those of us who are still slogging around the blogosphere, and will be sorely missed. He came to visit me about a decade ago. We spent a few days seeing the local sites and I took him to Gimli (aka New Iceland) just to the north of Winnipeg, where we had pickerel cheeks (which he said were good, despite not really liking fish) and vinarterta (aka Viking cake, as he called it, and which he really enjoyed). My heart is breaking that his service to his country is ultimately killing him. He is such a gentle soul. May your journey into the ether be as pain free as possible, LX. Much love to you. It has been my privilege to have known you. xoxoxo


  1. Yes, LX, my face was damp and salty when I read your news.
    But then, as it should, my memory scattered some happy dust and I find I *can* smile when I think of you. Not all the time, but my face is less salt-scoured.
    Safe journey, my friend. xx

  2. I tried writing a post, but couldn't. I sent LX an email and he responded, but that was all I could do. Just thinking about him now brings tears to my eyes. You've written your time with him well, sweetpea. xoxo


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