Saturday, 2 May 2015

Ch.. ch... ch... Changes

I am going to steal Roses's bullet format for today's post. I like how you can flit from thought to thought without being considered a scatterbrain. ;-)

  • The house renos continue, and with that comes changing my living room furniture. What I have now is much too big and bulky for my tiny house. I'd bought it 7 years ago when I bought my previous house, which had a much larger living room. Plus Pips used all the arms as scratching posts until I finally found ones that she will use regularly (when strategically placed close to the ends of the furniture. I have my eye on a red leather loveseat now (not the same couch as mentioned before ~ it was lovely but just too big) that I saw in a flyer the other day. I went to the store, sat on it, wandered around and looked at other stuff, both in store and online. I am now having the debate with myself about affordability. I'll let you know who wins!
  • I will be spending this weekend organizing the basement. I need storage areas more defined, and a space to set up my weights and treadclimber so that I can get back at the exercise thing. It is still at the bare concrete floor and no drywall on the walls (just insulation and poly vapour barrier) stage. I do walk the dog, but that is more ambling along because he has to sniff and pee on every little thing that someone else has visited. He is always on leash, because he just doesn't interact with other dogs well. Whether that is from a lack of socialization with other canines as a youngster, or from being attacked in the past, I will never know. But this town is bad for unruly dogs running up to him, so to keep both him and the other dog as safe as I can, he is never allowed to run loose. The only place I can do that is the outdoor ice rink near my sister's house. We got here for play dates with her two Aussies.d In fact, we will be doing that tomorrow. He loves to run and run, so I am happy to spend the time (and gas, as she is in the Big City and I am in the Little Nearby City) to allow him the freedom. He truly is a sweetheart in all other ways. Love him to bits, I do!
  • Like others, spring time has become my time to shed. Not just stuff in the house, but the excess of me as well. I am certain I am pre-diabetic. While I have not been having high blood sugars (have had my Hemoglobin A1C checked and it shows my average sugars over several months within normal limits), I do have drops significant enough that I can feel them. I get all rubbery legged feeling, jittery and horrible. I have had to buy glucose tabs to carry with me for those instances, and have had to use them too. Because I am also much too squidgy in the middle (and that weight distribution negatively affects my back pain issues, I can tell you!), on Monday I started on the Atkins diet routine. From my starting weight to Thursday, I dropped 6.2 lbs. I already feel better because my blood sugar is not yoyoing all over the place. I am hoping (if you would all cheer me on this ~ support is always greatly appreciated!) to be down a good 50 lbs by the end of summer. Yes, that much. Being tall means it doesn't look that bad, but it is, I can tell you. It is.
  • I am doing my darnedest to stay away from dating websites. I am finding myself lonely right now (to be expected) but I really don't want to get into that right now. If ever again. I have had my heart and trust broken too many times. I've not figured out why guys keep doing this, but it certainly has damaged my ability to take people at face value. When I read Old Fish's profile online, one of the things that struck me was this line: "The truth is important ALWAYS." That is a direct quote, caps and all. I guess it was just good for show and not much else. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it is much better to be truthful with the person you are involved with AND yourself, even if it is difficult to do. Much easier to live with yourself that way too. So for now, I give up.
  • I have a small back yard. It is completely fenced in, which is wonderful for Teak. It also means that the leaves that the ten (yes, you read that right) trees that live there do not blow away in the wind. Plus the small area that is supposed to be grass is mostly dirt with scattered green bits because of the shade. So this summer will mean major tree removal. Seven of the ten are destined for the wood pile. There is also a juniper that did not fare well over winter, so it will come out as well. The juniper that is in the front also did poorly so out it will come as well. Greenery that is orange is not a good look. Plus a fire hazard (the one in the back yard is about 12 feet from the firepit and I had planned to remove it anyway, but now it is imperative). I am sure all this removal will make it a much sunnier and more inviting area. I will be planting some colourful annuals (read: opening a container and scattering seeds) soon. I am hesitant to do it yet because we have been known to having winter try and return in April.
  • The outside water spigot needs to be installed. Because the shutoff valve for the old one was leaking, that bit of pipe was replaced during the winter. Now that it is much warmer out, I can get this done. That also means redoing the dryer exhaust vent and that little basement window that everything runs through to the outside. I won't be installing glass back in it. No point. It would be very small and only over the washer, and so not needed. And why go to the expense? Plywood and a coating of waterproofing will do just fine. That way, it will be weatherproof and functional.
  • I am pretty sure I have enough to keep myself busy for the next few months (or even years... there is still the kitchen gut and reno to do, but that will be lots of $$ so needs to piece together everything else first and then try and recoup from that expenditure.


  1. Oh, red leather! Looking forward to the loveseat decision!

    The trainers for my diabetic class pointed out to us that in an emergency, a full sugar soft drink is the quickest way to revive from a low blood sugar crash. Yeah Coke! Although glucose tabs may be a more convenient format. (Being a nurse and all, I have a feeling that you probably know that already.)

    The weather must be nice. A good time for outings with Teak and yard work.

    1. Well didn't end up with red... couldn't find one I liked. But I did find a dark brown (think espresso) one that was a returned custom order so got it for 60% off the original price. Can't beat that!! Well below what I had set as my upper limit. :-) I will pick it up tomorrow, weather cooperating. Would have brought it home today but it was thundering and starting to rain and there's no way I would chance water damaged leather. Plus, because I live 'out of town', I refuse to pay for delivery!! That would add a good $100 on to the price.

    2. Well done on the purchase! Looking forward to pix.

  2. (whoa, sugar, but i had to some catch-up reading just now!! )

    you have been busy! just making a decision on which loveseat to buy makes my head swim! (massive indecision over furniture shopping here, contrary to the MITM and his "i'll take it" attitude) looking forward to pictures when you're done. you know you have my support re: all the "shedding!" xoxoxoxox

    1. I looked at so many, Savannah, it almost did make my head swim! But I knew I would know it when I saw it. And I lucked out with the big discount. I even went to the manufacturer's outlet stores. We have a couple of high end furniture manufacturers right here. :-)

  3. I am the wrong person to talk about shopping. With things like furniture and cars, I take the "buy the one you really want" as I've found the compromise to have been unsatisfying and more expensive in the long-run.

    You're creating a bat-cave? Excellent work. And well done for taking your eating habits in hand, your weight goal sounds challenging. With the added exercise you'll burn off that in no time. I have faith in you.

    Oh, I'm on RunKeeper. It's an app that lets you track your workouts, your fitness and diet goals and it's multi-platform so you can use it on your computer and smart phone (if you have one). It's got loads of choices of activities from running (obvs) to Zumba!

    Good luck honey, sounds like this is your time to look after and cherish your self. xxx

  4. Sofa sounds sweet ...yes, I feel alliterative.

  5. Wow, I need a nap after reading all that. :)

    Yea on all the good things and "Hey buddy, your loss!" on the negative stuff. Looking forward to the next batch of what you've done to the homestead. :)

  6. I'll bet the brown one will stay lovelier longer.
    Good luck with the weight loss. Take it easy onward and upward.

  7. Exhausted from simply reading! You put me to shame, as always!


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