Friday, 20 June 2014

Feeling blue...

And not just because it's been two weeks since Maart decided to be a single man again. It has seemed a much longer time than that, but I'm sure that has to do with actually being on holidays right now, and not going anywhere, or having anyone to do anything with. I did pick up a couple of shifts at work (did days today and will work an evening tomorrow) so that fills some of the time.

No, this blueness is the new look I've painted on my blog. I decided to stick the cat banner into Photoshop to play with it a bit more and once I was pleased with that, I had to do something about the background.

Those scattered flower petals did not go with the neon eyed kitties at all. So I played around with that too and finally found one in blogger that I think compliments the banner.

What do you think?


  1. They do look a bit trippy, psychedelic :) I think clouds are always a good background, a nice framework for heavenly creatures.
    I have no clue whether you are still covered in snow, but how about going out on your bike ? Just an idea.

  2. I like the cloud background. I would personally make these changes to emphasize the lovely kitties and new background:

    1. Use the version of the photo that has the neon cat eyes, but otherwise natural colors.

    2. Remove as much of the header background as possible.

    3. Save as a transparent GIF file.

  3. Apologies for my long comment here:

    First off, I'm sorry to hear that you're so blue. Break ups suck, especially if they're unexpected. Hang in there. It's okay to grieve a little. It's part of the healing process.

    Second, I love the color blue and I really love what you've done with the cats and the background. It's a very striking yet serene image. You did an amazing job that really highights the differences and similarities between your cats. And I really like the skies and blue artwork in the background...very surreal and fascinating.

    I know what you mean by having no one to do anything with. I travel for work sometimes, and I'll be gone for a while in a new place, with new faces, all strangers. But I've learned that if I do something physical and active, even on my own, I actually have a great time. Some of the best experiences I've had were hiking new places and checking out nature on my own. I've actually met some really nice and interesting people on those hikes and they shared with me some great tips and info about other great places I might like to visit; all their advice paid off.

    A walk in the park and on the beach by oneself is very relaxing, too. Take your portable music player (or cell phone with headphones so you can use the radio feature) to make your walks or just sitting in the park enjoyable. Kayaking, swimming, and other outdoor activities are fun. Museums and zoos are awesome places to visit on one's own. I'm not much of a movie person, but I do enjoy going to matinees by myself to see those films that are in the dollar theater; you know, the cheesy films that are really guilty pleasures, or just the really silly ones you wouldn't pay $20 to see when they first come out. It's a great way to stay cool on a hot humid day--which is like everyday since the end of April here. And then there are the times when I just go out by myself to a bar to have a drink and make an effort to talk to people. I've met some great people that way and had some really fun experiences.

    But sometimes, I'll have a cookout and call some friends over. It's World Cup Soccer now, so every day, I'm watching the games; and I love rooting for underdog teams. It's a great excuse to have a cookout or bake or cook something you enjoy eating. And when I'm on my own, I kind of like it, because then I turn up the music and sing and dance around the house like a mad man, having a one man party--sometimes alcohol is involved; most times, it's just me singing and dancing to some great tunes while I'm waiting for the food or laundry to be done; or I'm just killing time. I also use the solitude to sketch or take fotos or try out new hobbies. Or I listen to the radio to hear new songs and add the ones I like to my playlist. I hope you find something you enjoy to fill in the time and makes you feel centered.


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