Thursday, 6 May 2010

Rack 'Em Up, Honey

Friday evening I am going to be a ball breaker...

I'm gonna do my best to beat the pants off him in a few games of billiards... or pool... or whatever you want to call it. Neither of us is very good... or he tells me he isn't. I know I'm not. I can make the odd good shot but have no consistency... which is the way it is when you play once or twice a year.

Is he telling me the truth? Or is it just a ploy to lull me into a false sense of security? We'll see....

My plan of attack includes large quantities of alcohol, a low cut neckline, and lots of bending over the table while facing him. Perhaps I can get him flustered enough to make him lose... I have a feeling, however, that beating the pants off him will have to take place outside the pool hall... er, I mean, at home.

There will be a taxicab involved as well, as driving may be inappropriate after all that ball and stick handling....

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  1. That sounds like an excellent night out...

    I hate to admit that the last time I played pool was with my nine-year-old, and I beat her but only just barely!!!

  2. Easy. At every opportunity, call him "Shorty!"

    Nice shot, Shorty.
    Too bad about the break, Shorty.
    Oh. Eight ball. You lose Shorty.

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  4. Sounds like a plan! Good luck!

  5. The man hasn't a chance in hell of winning against feminine pulchritude.

    Need a rack boy? I promise not to stare.

  6. Leah: Kids are usually good at any game... Next time you probably won't. ;-)

    XL: Um, considering I think I am about a hair taller than him already, I don't think I'll call him 'Shorty'... I'll have to think of something else. :-)

    Jonas: It's a game plan... who knows if it will work! I just plan on having fun... thanks!

    Charlie: Such an ugly sounding word for a nice meaning...

    Staring is okay, but if you drool you're outta there! ;-)

  7. Heh-Heh. She said rack. Heh-Heh.

    Pool has a cool, dark downtown panache. Bowling, on the other hand, isn't cool at all.

  8. UB: Yeah, pool is 'cool'... Bowling can be a blast too, though. We have glow bowl... it's a hoot!

  9. I think your strategy is totally sound. I would suggest, as occasionally your back may be toward him as you make a shot, a short skirt with a thong underneath. He will be completely hustled and out maneuvered.

    I think your readers will want a follow-up post with the score. My money's on you.

  10. Robert: Um... miniskirt and thong not such a good look on a 50-something woman... so I'll stick with my lowrise tight jeans, thanks!

    I'll definitely do a follow up post... and may the best girl win. Oh.. did I say that out loud? Ha!

  11. ATTACK!
    Poor sod, he's lost.

    ... lucky basted ...


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