Monday, 22 March 2010

In Honour of Map's Helen...

This is cool!


  1. Thank you for posting this ... it made me smile! :)

    I cannot in any way imagine the vicious incompetents where I work doing anything this kind.

  2. It made me smile too! Glad you liked it. :-)

    'Vicious incompetents'!? Not a good place, I take it? ;-)

  3. See you hon!
    You got me in tears, I just come from Fats funeral! Best Send-Off ever. I sang with the best musicians ever! We had bands from the 40's right up 'til today! Great day, never laughed or cried so much!


  4. The laughter and the tears both help with the healing, Map... so nice to hear you and all your friends gave Fats such a wonderful send-off! xoxoxoxo

  5. That made me tear up and I've never lost anyone really close to me to breast cancer. Yet. As a former nurse, I know how fun it must have been for the hospital workers to get to let loose like this. Thanks for sharing - I'll be passing this on. :)

  6. This was great! I'm glad to see those hardworking health care workers have a little fun while encouraging people to be aware of breast cancer. That must be a great place to work where they let the various depts in the hospital get together and have fun like that.

  7. My daughter was born there at St. Vincent's in PDX. We had to take her back and have her defective tonsils removed. Good that she was still under warranty.

  8. I don't remember where I first saw this but I'm so glad you shared it again!

    See, hospitals don't have to be big scary places...they can be sharing places. :)


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