Monday, 1 February 2010

The Waiting Game

Life is all about waiting, isn't it...

You wait to be born... nine long months floating in that motherly cocoon.

You wait to be able to walk and talk...

You wait to be heard...

You wait for school to start...

You wait for school to finish...

You wait for a boy or a girl...

You wait for the phone calls...

You wait for that someone special to fall in love too...

You wait to hear if your application has been accepted...

You wait to hear if you'll be offered the job...

You wait for end of the work day...

You wait for payday...

You wait for your annual vacation...

You wait to retire...

And you wait for death...

Earth is one big Waiting Room...

What happens if you get tired of waiting?

Where do you go then?


  1. Oh, this is a tricky one.

    For the finite ones, it's a matter of trying to find a way to cope with the passage of days, weeks, months, years.

    For the infinite ones, we may wait for some of those things and they never arrive at all.


  2. XL: Ain't it, though? And it's a guessing game too...

  3. Now I feel like I'm in one of those Bergman movies!

  4. You keep yourself busy by doing the things you luv while you wait. Times like this, I try to remember that serenity prayer and remember my own strength, accept what I cannot change, and change the things that I can. I don't mind the's the sense of helplessness that always makes me uncomfortable.

  5. You wait for your friends to put their stuff on youtube.... :¬)


  6. Eros: Exactly... It's that helplessness that buggers everything up.

    Map: If I had longer legs, I'd give you a boot in the arse! ;-)

  7. you live, sugar! sounds glib, i know, but the reality is this is it... xoxoxoxox

  8. For quite a long time I was waiting in a bar. Now I'm waiting in the library, it's more fun.

  9. What a thoughfully perplexing post. I think what we do while we're waiting is live life. Not a profound answer, but what else is there?

  10. I try not to wait, because then the not getting seems worse. I like to be surprised by the inevitable. Or least not disappointed.

  11. Join the queue!

    (MORE waiting!)


  12. Hi Ponita,

    I'm a very impatient person; the concept of waiting to me is unfathomable. Am I waiting if I'm occupied with something I deem important to me? Is waiting a solely passive act?

    See what you've gone and done! Now you have me on the brink of pondering the complexities of living. Time to go do something instead of waiting.


  13. Savannah: They can be done at the same time... which is what I am doing... but the waiting still happens.

    Mago: Glad you are having more fun... Fun is highly under rated as we get older, isn't it?

    Madame: I have a hard time not thinking about the waiting, even when otherwise occupied. Silly, isn't it?

    Map: There's gettin' to be a long line in that queue...

    U!!! Hey hon! How are you!?!? I'm so happy you stopped by... it's fabulous to hear from you! How's everything going??


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