Wednesday, 16 December 2009

His mouth runneth over...

The first time, I thought it was just nerves.

It's always a bit tense when meeting someone for the first time. Especially when that meeting has the intent of sizing one up for the potential of courtship, relationship... whatever-ship.

He talked. And talked. Oh, how he talked! Not mindless blather... He's educated, well read, well traveled and interesting. But the three face to face meetings and the two phone calls made it clear there would be no 'me' in that kind of a relationship.

When there is no getting a word in edgewise for one party, there is no conversation. There is the telling on one part and the listening on the other. Nothing more. And when he paused and I could speak, always he latched on to something I said to weave into his own tale. Which he would interject... effectively cutting me off.

So I emailed him to say there was no connection for me, no spark.

I had to laugh when he told me that when first starting to get to know someone, he is cautious and distant.

I didn't have the heart to tell him he yammered on like a lonely old woman!


  1. It takes a Celtic heart to capture the true essence of a Viking Queen...

    Talk is cheap, I can say more to a woman just by looking into her eyes.

    ...I'll add a 'rabbit' to my Christmas list for you hen.

  2. Jimmy: Although I love a good discussion, it's what's behind the words that is equally as important... and the eyes truly do show what's inside a person.

    Thanks for the bunny offer, hon, but there's already one in residence. Although... on second thought... a pair might be interesting! ;-)

  3. For the love of all things 'hoppy' You might wannae rephrase that last sentence hen, it may have an everlasting effect on my memory, and years from now turn up as a post.

    Talking is good, but it's truly meaning the words that you say that does the trick.

    Why talk pish and make himself look like the obvious eejit he is? Far better to be the man that he is and just put the lips on you at the end of the night.

    Celtic hearts... never to be matched. Just ask the Map man.

  4. If you remember that years from now, you go right ahead and post it. I'd be quite interested to read the spin you put on it. :-P

    You are so right, Jimmy. It is the meaning of the words. And of the looks... and the touch. What is really in a man's heart is not spoken.

    I am envious of your lovely Siobhan and Map's Annette. Were I to find a man as true of heart as both you and Map are, then I would truly be in heaven.

  5. The stroking of a cheek, the kissing of her hair.... Siobhan knows the feelings I have for her just by me holding her haund.

    Talk is for men with flashy phones in bars who have not a chance of ever having anything other than a BMW keyring, and a cold place in their beds.

    Without being brash, without being crude, I would have had your undies theoretically in my coat pocket within minutes of our meeting, unlike your 'talky' man.

    It's about confidence, it's about charm, it's about making the woman laugh and be at ease.

    It doesn't always go smooth... sometimes I am disturbed in full flow by the Map man asking me what to do next.


  6. Ah, Jimmy... if there was no Siobhan, you could have my undies anywhere you please... ;-)

    Speaking of Map... where is that Irishman? Haven't heard a peep out of him tonight.

  7. You made the right decision there hon.

    (I am definitely the 'quiet listening guy'.)

    And you KNOW what happens when you put two 'rabbits' together! :¬)


  8. He'll no be long hen, I left him parking the car outside of the chippy.

    He does like a fush supper of a night, especially after a few pints of porter and a whisky or two.

    He has a jay-ket that reads like a carry-oot menu in downtown Saigon.

  9. Don't forget the mushy peas lad!

  10. ...oh I'll no be forgetting the mushy peas pal, In fact the memory of them will be with me all night.

  11. all y'all make me smile, darlings! the right guy is out there and just waiting to meet YOU! remember, there are a lot of frogs that will cross your path before the prince kneels at your feet! xoxoxoxo

  12. mushy peas? sweet lord what the hell is that?

  13. Take it from me hen, if the Prince is kneeling, it willnae be your feet he is kissing.

    ...mushy peas Savvy doll, they are soaked in bicarbonate of soda and have an effect on the body like that of baked beans.

  14. jimmy darlin, then i think i'll just pass on those! xoxoxo

  15. Sav; we 'pass' quite a lot on them!

  16., i'm guessing, sugarpie! xoxox

  17. This conversation doesn't need another party, so I think that I'll just sit over here in the corner and play spectator. Hang on while I make some popcorn and grab a drink.

    Right, all set now, so carry on, people. :)

    By the way, is it warmer in your part of town, too, Ponita, or is all of the hot air over on this side of the Red? I heard enough miserable old gits sounding off over here in West K. today that I'm surprised to have any snow left. I know that the festive season doesn't bring out the best in everyone, but jeez, folks, chill out just a tad!

    Sorry about Mr. Allaboutme. Man, I'd hate to see what he's like when he gets over being cautious and distant. What was I saying about hot air? ;)

  18. Hi Ponita,

    Looks like I'm late (again) to the discussion. Perhaps he was nervous, being in your wonderful presence. A beautiful, intelligent and independent woman can have that affect on some men. Perhaps he was self-absorbed and intent on making an impression.

    Whatever the reason, he'd better know this was a lost opportunity to get to know a wonderful woman; many men sit on the the side of the road for the same reason.

    Too glad.


  19. Oh, and Savannah, mushy peas are not nearly as bad as they sound.:) I still prefer a salad of some kind with my fish and chips, but I'll have mushy peas now and then by choice, just to please my English husband.

  20. Hey Eleanor! Whatcha drinkin'? (I can't do popcorn! Smell makes me heave!) :¬)

  21. Hey U! Join me at the bar, though I don't know where Pon & Jimmy have gone?


  22. Oh, sorry, Map. How about some freshly made gingerbread cookies or shortbread instead? As for the drink, it's butter ripple (butterscotch) schnapps in egg nog. As the Newfies over here say, "Sweet thunderin' jayzus, it's a beautiful thing!" Not homemade egg nog, though, as I can't abide the thought of raw eggs. Rather, it's the stuff that comes in a carton from the supermarket. Delish!

  23. Ah for fuck sake Eleanor, here's a pint of Arthur's finest black stuff! Now get on the outside of that quick as ye can!


  24. Okay, fine, Map. You can't blame a girl for trying to look a bit refined now and then, though, right? ;)

  25. raising a glass kentucky's finest small batch bourbon Bakers in all y'alls honor! xoxox

  26. @Sav; (Just picture Homer Simpson looking at doughnuts/porkchops....grrrrrrrr..mmmmm!


  27. I'd say nerves, too, but you gave him plenty of opportunity to make it about you as well as him. You made the wise choice to move along little dogie.

  28. Wow...! looks like there was a party going on after I left for a meeting. Glad everyone's been enjoying themselves.

    I've no idea where Jimmy's off to... but it ain't with me! Probably got caught by Siobhan making comments about my undies. ;-)

    Eleanor, it's a lot warmer here than it was yesterday! I'm sure some would beg to differ but there really is a huge difference between -12 and -25.

    As far as Mr TalksALot goes, he didn't seem nervous at all ever. He's a salesman, so perhaps all his time on the road and in hotel rooms along with his line of work gives him the gift of gab. I think he needs to give some of it away...

    On another front, however, the Land Baron has been keeping in touch, which pleases me. He is one I would like to get to know better. He seems to want to get to know me as well. However, the matter of him living far away and caring for an ailing mum is making getting away difficult. I'm hoping I can convince him to come into town for New Year's, as I have four days' off work.

    And U? There is no late in bloggerland... you show up when you want to. :-)

  29. oh dear, good reading for us but painful for you! The Land Baron does sound like a better bet - where there's a will eh? Two friends of mine have an extremely successful relationship, she's in NYC and he's in Oxford UK. It works!

  30. It's called "Logorhoe" ...

  31. If you have the patience, things do sound promising with the Land Baron. Fingers crossed that he can make it in for New Year's.

    Sorry about rudely taking over your place for a party in your absence. Next time we'll make sure you're still here. :)

  32. Maybe you should do him a favor (a kindness really) and let him know gently that while he seemed very confident, intelligent, and spoke a lot, you just felt like that your discussion was more of a lecture than an actual conversation. Perhaps he doesn't know he blabs on a lot. But kudos to you for ending it before it got really awkward.

  33. Thanks, XL! Aren't you in the Land DownUnder now?

    zIggI: Here's hoping... We do seem a good match... at least from all the talking we've done. It's been minimal time spent together so far and really, that's the telling thing. How's the back doing, by the way?

    Mago: Ah, yes... verbal diarrhea. Definitely! (How many shifts left, my friend?)

    Eleanor: I have lots of patience... that's been developed after almost two years of this online dating stuff. And no problem about comandeering my blog for a party! Nothing rude at all. Glad you all had fun while I was out! :-)

    Eros: He's 55. If he hasn't figured it out by now, he never will. He knows it... he even admitted that he does and even went on to say his dad talks even more. I can't imagine an evening with the both of them... I think I'd run out screaming after a while!!

  34. 13 my dear, thank you for asking.


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