Sunday, 27 September 2009

One 'Meh' and one 'Yowza!'

So... the meet and greet on Friday was the Meh. Didn't get vibes one way or another. He did a lot of talking, which was okay. Nothing worse than sitting with someone who isn't comfortable talking at all and having to carry the conversation all by myself!

We met at a local restaurant that has a nice lounge. Sat in the lounge for an hour and a half, had a drink and some finger food. Talked back and forth about inane stuff. Learned a bit about each other. Seemed like a nice enough guy. No weirdness emerged, so that was a good thing!

Haven't heard from him since... Whatever!

The Yowza! was the Keith Urban concert on Saturday evening. My younger sister and I met at the restaurant that is attached to the concert venue (local hockey arena/concert hall), had dinner (avocado spring rolls... oh my! delish!!!), yakked and people watched. We were sitting along a glass wall that looked into the hallway where all the doors into the arena seating opened. Watched security and other staff trundling back and forth, getting ready for the opening.

It was a sold out event - all 12,500 seats filled with screaming fans. Keith Urban is HOT!!! He can sing, he can play the guitar like a rock superstar, he writes his own songs, he's married to Nicole Kidman and he is one good looking hunk of man flesh! Snug jeans and short sleeved shirt (fitted) rounded out the picture quite nicely, thank you very much! Such a nice ass.... *sigh*

I still think my hearing is a bit off cuz it was loud but what a show! The stage had ramps down into the crowd on both sides and he made frequent use of them. There was a small satellite stage at the opposite end of the arena floor and he wandered through the crowd, playing his guitar, and spent some time down there singing several songs to the people who would normally be the farthest away from the stage.

At one point, he even jumped up into the stands right below where we were sitting but I only have a silly little Samsung mobile phone, so the pics are terrible and I can't seem to download them to my computer to see if I can zoom in at all. It was pretty cool, though. The guitar he was playing then (and he's got quite a few, both acoustic and electric) lit up all in coloured lights that switched colours and flashed with every change of chord.

He had all kinds of huge video screens so no matter where you sat, you got all the close-ups. Excellent crisp video feed, lots of lights and a light mist in air to keep things moist for those vocal chords. Everyone was in a bit of a fog that night... :-)

The crowd went wild! It was a great way to spend the evening. I love going to concerts and have really lucked out with some really good ones.

So no real juicy details to dish out about the meet and greet. Like I said before, no real expectations. It was pleasant... that's about all I can say about it.


  1. At least you went out and met the guy. Now you know. Nothing worse than wondering what if? And at least he kept you company over a light meal. That's a plus that there was no weirdness.

    I'm glad you got to enjoy a great concert with your sister. Sounds like you had a blast! I like Keith Urban. But I haven't been to a concert in a while.

  2. So it seems Nicole did well for herself eh?
    Your turn next time.

  3. The concert sounds great though! Sod the date.

  4. Hi Ponita,

    Sometimes there just aren't any sparks when you meet someone. It doesn't make someone wrong but maybe they're not right for you.

    I'm not familiar with Keith Urban's music but since you provided me with many details, I have an idea of what it was like to be there that night. I'm glad you had a good time.


  5. Youza: Always fun when a concert turns out like that.

    Meh: His loss.

  6. 2 good evenings, it seems, just that one was FANTASTIC! (the concert) and the other, as you said, a meet and greet, you know, good, but not GOOD good! xoxoxo

  7. So, the concert was just ok then?


  8. If every person we met generated that certain spark that promised something special, well, it would be a very different world to the one I inhabit! And at least he wasn't (a) revolting, (b) threatening, or (c) outwardly perverse (or should that be "outwardly perverse in any way that you found unappealing"?).

    And then a decent concert too. I can't pretend that I could differentiate between Keith Urban and Kevin Rural but any good concert is a buzz! I seem to keep missing the good ones here ... or, rather, not realising they're happening until it costs £200 to get a half-decent ticket on eBay!

  9. I'm not sure … but I think you enjoyed that concert, right?


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