Friday, 17 July 2009

Just to prove...

...that I have *not* fallen off the face of the earth, here are some photos of the girls in my house.

Well, the four legged girls. I am a girl too but I'm not in any of the pictures.


Because I am the one *taking* the pictures....

Okay, I'll shut up now. ;-)

Take note of the missing whiskers. I think Pips has chewed them off Lila's face....

Her favourite perch is on the dog... who doesn't seem to care one iota.

An afternoon siesta. BB, the old man, is off by himself somewhere safe from harassment.

Aren't those lovely markings? As she matures, they become more obvious.

Check out the hair between the pads on her back feet. :-)

Best buds!

Will I have double the hairballs to clean up? They groom themselves *and* each other...

Lila... dead asleep... not dead. ;-)

Short and sweet and all I have time for right now! One day, I will be back to blogging. Perhaps in a few weeks when things settle down... But I *am* alive... really, I am! :-D


  1. Nice kitty pix. I especially like the last one!

    Hope you are having an opportunity to take advantage of the Summer weather.

  2. Hi XL: I get outside everyday when I walk the dog. Haven't done much else, like go to the beach, but should have time in August. Things will have settled by then.... I hope!

    Hey Map! Thanks for stopping by. xoxo

  3. Good to know you're still alive, ma'am.

    You have delightful cats (especially the young Lila) but you need to train one of your beastie companions to work the camera so you can feature in the next girlie photos :-)

  4. Ahhhh... they are lovely pics. I have been adopted by a stray cat. I tried to get him in out of the rain, but he'll only come indoors if I keep the back door open - understandable for a stray - and it's a bit chilly and yuk to keep doors open. Poor old thing.

  5. it's good to read you again, sugarpie! xoxxo

    i love the pics!

  6. Glad you're still with us!! And those pics are too cute. Your dog is very tolerant if he's happy with a Lila sitting on him!!

  7. Luv the pics! Your dog is certainly very patient with the cats! Looks like the young cats are getting along fine now, and the old cat is finally free to sleep in peace if those other two keep each other entertained. They all look like they're enjoying a nice summer nap, no cares in the world!

    Enjoy your summer!

  8. As long as you're happy Pony-doll, but keep in touch once in a while, reet?

    ...I still think it's a man keeping you away.

  9. Bless their little hearts. I call those furry bits between ctas feet crapet slippers ( but I am a bit of a sado ).
    It's funny how all cats with nay stripes have the M on their forhead. I wonder why that is?

  10. Sorry mis-typed the word carpet, as in carpet slippers. I dread to think what crapet slippers would be like.

  11. just goegeous! Glad you're still with us Pon X

  12. They're all so cute! :) You should lend the dog your camera so she can photograph you :)


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