Tuesday, 9 June 2009


I took Pips and BB in to the vet's for their annual check-ups and shots today.

I walked in with two cats... and out with three....

Meet Lila, a seven week old kitten - possibly with Siamese or Himalayan in her - mum cat was a stray brought in to the vet clinic, where she had five kittens on April 20th. Two like this, one brown tabby (like mum) and two greys. All rather fluffy. Mum cat is a medium haired cat so I am hoping Lila will be the same.

I have been toying with the idea of getting a third cat... someone for Pips to play with... someone a lot younger than BB, who really hates Pips' rough housing around kinda play. I've hummed and hawed about it, because it seems every animal I take home ends up costing me a fortune.

So I am keeping my fingers crossed that Lila will be hail and hearty and not cost me anything other than routine healthcare.

She is just so damn cute! She purrs up a storm, rubs her tiny face all over mine, and gnaws on my fingers. Very cuddly little thing!

Now Pips just needs to get over herself and quit all the hissing and growling. I would imagine in a few weeks they will be ripping around the house, playing and running and getting into all kinds of trouble! And hopefully leaving BB to relax in his dotage.


  1. She's cute. I can see why you were tempted!

  2. Awwwww!!!! I've fallen in love with you and Lila both!

  3. @MdF: It didn't take much to tempt me, once I saw her!

    @Mago: She is - I am hoping she'll have hair like her mother and bed a medium haired cat, not a long haired.... but time will tell.

    @Jonas: ~blushes~ Oh my! You're such a sweetie, Jonas. Thanks!

  4. @Map: Isn't she, though! And a lovely personality to go along with her good looks too. :-)

  5. Oh, looks like a Himalayan! Very cute kitty! How lucky for both of you to have found each other! I'm sure the other cat will come around...I luv that second pic of her on your shoulders. It's very artistic!

  6. What a cutie :) I can see how she stole your heart ;)

  7. She has your eyes! :)

    With those points, I'm guessing a bit of Siamese in there. Congrats on the beautiful addition to your household.

  8. 3 cats? *shudder*.

    My sister has just bought a dog.

    What is it with all the animals?

    I might get a pot plant, but only if it can water its self... ;-)

  9. I've been known to give up my chair for the bairns wee kitty once or twice masel.

    Cats have real character, and they tend to stand their ground.

  10. My cat is very poorly at the moment, indeed she is living out her last few days. But it's lovely to see a kitten find a loving home. Your newbie looks like she's suspiciously long-haired! As you say, time will tell.

  11. There are those who would consider three cats to be a little excessive ... but #3 certainly is an adorable wee thing :-)

    The highest number of cats that I ever had was eight - I should stress at this point that numbers 2-8 were the offspring of #1, and the tally was reduced to two as quickly as possible.

    And, Famulus, always remember the advice from "28 Days" about using our ability to care for plants and dogs as a guide to when we are ready for a relationship ;-)

  12. She really is the most lovely cat I have seen for a long time ( not including mine of course ).

  13. I absolutely love her.
    This is the first period of my life where I haven't had a cat.
    I long to have one - but I go to away too often. You just can't have everything.

  14. Exactly what Tim said and exactly in that tone.

  15. Pon she's absolutely gorgeous! Please send her to me! She looks just like my Dolce at that age and she's a Birman.

    I want a kitten!


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