Thursday, 2 December 2010


I'm on a roll this week.

Have bits of fabric everywhere, pins and needles and threads all 'round.

Making a new dress for the upcoming work Christmas party on Saturday. I'm not built for an 'off the rack' dress without looking like a cheap hooker popping out of her top, so I decided to make one instead. I've tons of experience in that department and it's coming along quite nicely, if I do say so myself. The tricky part is coming up, as the bodice pattern pieces required major adjustment to belay the hooker look!

All in all, I think it will look smashing when all finished! A custom made outfit looks like a million bucks.

(No, mine will not look like this... but it is purple!)

The party is a potluck affair, so I will also be throwing together a Vinetarta to take along. This is a traditional Icelandic cake... or as XL loves to call it - Viking cake! (Some people call it Icelandic heroin...)

But the best part of the upcoming festivities will be that LHB will be in town and will be accompanying me to the party. He's not yet met any of my friends, so this will be a big introduction to the people I work with. He's actually quite excited about it and has been asking me what colour he should wear (he has several choices in his wardrobe). Of the ones listed, I chose the green, as the others would clash a bit with my deep purple dress. He'll be in town tomorrow afternoon and back on the road on Sunday, but the intervening time will be cherished.

There's growing fondness between us and we are taking our time to see how things develop. There's no rush, after all... As he once wrote to me, " - a long way to the end, but sometimes one meets someone - that makes the trek and the life worthwhile!"

(All photos nicked from the interwebs, as I have nothing finished so can't post my own at this time!)


  1. Mmmmm, Viking Cake!

    Hope you post a pix of the finished dress.

  2. XL: Mmmmmm is right! I love that stuff!!!!

    Yes, I will post a pix of the finished dress. :-)

  3. I wanna see you and the dress, with LHB on your arm. :)

    For now, I'll just sigh over the cake.

  4. Hope: That's my plan! I'm hoping to get some good photos... we have none at this point.

    I am about to make that cake... ;-)

  5. Still have the red number on hold, just in case like! :¬)

    Can't wait to see pics of yerself & LHB! A handsome couple no doubt!


  6. Iceland Smack? Hooker look? Things changed around here!

  7. I've never had the pleasure of meeting a Viking cake. You're talented! We have a pot luck at work and because I'm so inept in the kitchen, I have to buy a pie. How lame is that?!

  8. Map: Ta... I appreciate having a back up wardrobe! xoxo

    Mago: Isn't that rather like life? The only constant is change???

    UB: Oh, you might get hooked on it if you did meet one. I gave LHB a taste of the Viking cake last night... and he's now hooked!

    Don't worry about being lame. Not everyone can be good at everything. You write a helluva lot better than I do!


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