Monday, 29 November 2010

A busy week

I'm on holidays this week, which is lovely. Except for the weather, which is rather stormy at the moment. What the computer said this morning (~1 cm of snow) and what the radio said (~4 cms of snow) were a bit at odds with each other.

I'm not certain how much of the white stuff has come down today. There has been some, although not great quantities like last week. But the wind has been making sure every last flake gets packed into drifts across my yard.

I've been out shovelling again because of that. If I could just convince my neighbour to plant a very large evergreen tree in the middle of his back yard, it would fill that gap where the north wind comes whistling in, bringing all that snow, which then runs smack dab into my house and falls to the ground. None of this planting of a seedling and waiting 20 years for it to get big... I'd like a 15 footer stuck in the ground right away, thank you very much. That would probably do the trick quite nicely.

Tomorrow, I am off to the barn to clamber up onto some horse (the one I wanted to ride has been sold, unfortunately) to toodle about and see how my back does. I've been seeing a new chiropractor and we've established the goal of getting me to be able to ride (which includes loping about [for you non-riders, that means like a slow gallop]) for about 15 minutes and not need to fall off in pain while doing so. This will be a test. And a good one, because the chiropractor will be there at the barn as well! He does horses and dogs, as well as people. Should be interesting!! And a very good excuse to get a good visit in with my friends and get my horsey fix at the same time.

The remainder of the week will be spent constructing a dress. My work's Christmas party is on Saturday and I don't own a dress. So I went shopping today. I tried on dresses in about 6 different stores. The selection just wasn't very good (probably because I can't afford to go to the high-end shops elsewhere in the city) and the styles just are not designed for anyone larger than, say, a pair of bagels. So despite the remainder of the dress fitting fine, the bodice part on all of them did nothing to contain the girls. That's a very trashy look... and I soooo don't do trashy!

So I decided I would have to construct one instead. It's been a while since I've sewn anything for myself, but in the past, I have made everything from bathing suits to bridal gowns, with lots of other stuff in between. I think I can handle this project.

However, I still need to buy shoes... I don't have shoes. Sandals just won't do in the middle of winter! I think I will do that on Thursday. And jewellery... I'll also have to dust off my jewellery box and see what I've got in there. I do have stocking though... I know that!

It is entirely possible (but not a given yet) that LHB will be in town to accompany me to said party. He wants to be, anyway, and will do his best to get into town for the event. That would be absolutely lovely! I do realize he can't guarantee his presence, but I also know he will do his damnedest to be here.


  1. Flame thrower! How about a flame thrower to deal with the snow? No shoveling!

  2. Yeah! Good idea!

    Oh wait... after the snow melts, it'll just turn to ice... and that won't be good. I'd have to buy skates.

  3. I have a nice 'roomy' number in red if you want to borrow?! :¬)

    Tiny flakes of snow falling today, we have been luckier than most parts of the country so fsr, but it's on the way. Damn but it's cold! :¬)


  4. Good luck with the horse riding! I am so impressed with your sewing abilities. Getting shoes is another issue. Even in Toronto selection is really limited compared to Europe (not that I'm exactly jet set, but whenever my mum goes to Scotland she raves about the selection, as did a coworker who just went)

  5. good luck with the horse, do you have a stable?
    we are about to lease/buy a horse down here in Fla.

  6. Map: Thanks for the offer... I've seen pix of said number. Looks comfy but red just isn't my colour. It is LHB's favourite though... ;-)

    As for the snow? And the cold? I could send you some more if you want... Is your boiler functional? Don't want you all to freeze!

    Snooze: Shoes will be an issues, for sure. I have narrow feet, which limits the selection even more. *sigh*

    Mr. Fingers: I used to have an 80 acre hobby farm complete with horses and hay. Now I don't even have a horse. But I have friends who do!

    You've been bitten by the horse bug, have you? Do you ride? I miss it soooo much!

  7. Hope you get to go with LHB. Almost worth wearing a dress for. We have snow too, but every time that I look at it, I think of you and suspect you'd be unimpressed by the paltry amount we have. Take care.

  8. You've shoveled snow, you deserve new shoes and anything else your heart desires. :)

  9. Madame: As do I! He is, at least, on his way north and with luck, will be here Friday or early Saturday. And very much worth wearing a dress for, I say! ;-)

    Last year in November, we had a mere 1.4 cm of snow. This year, November has seen about about 55 cms (which is over 20 inches...) and this is absolutely not the norm! I'd take your paltry amount any day!

    Hope: Yes, I've shovelled snow, but deserving and affording are, unfortunately, two separate things! Although I did find a pair of shoes today but not sure if they are what I want. Will have to see how they look once the dress is done. :-)

  10. I went shopping for new boots today, alone, I'm a bad shoe-shopper (as in, I HATE IT!)and no one will accompany me! Eventually found a pair of sturdy ones (with steel toe-caps!) "Sorry sir, we don't have your size, but we can order them?"
    It's a bastard being so big! :¬)


  11. Map: Really, sir! Your size is none of my business! *blushes*

    I know the feeling, although mine is because my feet are long and narrow... Usually my size can't even be ordered because most shoes just aren't made in it! Hope you ordered them!


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