Monday, 3 September 2012

I think I'm still here...

But given all the extra work I had picked up, yesterday and today is my first two day stretch off in quite a while.

And this week, I am back to my regular work schedule, with nothing extra added in. So I will work three evening shifts and that's it. Yay!!!

I still have quite a few boxes to unpack, things to arrange and all that. But things are looking more homely now. I can watch tv, cook, I have a brand new stainless steel fridge because the old harvest gold one (yes, it was old) decided to start peeing on the floor and the BBQ has been used several times in the past week.

The cats have settled in, although Pips bolts for the door every time she hears it open. She thinks she should get to be an outside kitty now. Once we're all settled and I have the firepit in its final resting spot in the back yard, I will stick her in her harness, get out the retractable leash and take her exploring.

So while I have tried to flit about to various blogs, read here and there, and even leave the occasional comment, it's nothing of normal activity.

I am, however, here....