Sunday, 26 December 2010


What I wouldn't give to have one of these on my deck right now.

I have spent a good part of the past couple months chilled. Ever since starting on hormone pills and getting the hot flashes under control, I have been COLD!!!

Right now, I am in the house. The thermostat reads 22C in here. I have on thick wool socks and my feet are stuffed into my sheepskin slippers (yeah, real sheepskin) and they are still cold. I have a hoodie on over a long sleeved t-shirt... and I am cold.

When LHB is here, I rarely feel cold. (wink wink) But aside from all that activity, we spend a fair bit of time close to each other... and he's always nice and warm! Men generate more body heat than women (aside from hot flashes, of course), apparently due to more muscle mass and a higher resting metabolic rate.

I don't care why! But I do care that he keeps me warm. (Although I like him for a lot more than just that!) I hate being cold. And I live in a place that has the same climate as Siberia... seriously, Winnipeg does!

So, some day when the budget allows, I will get that hot tub and put it on my deck right outside the door. And I will use it every day! And I will be warm. Very warm. Hot even! And I will love it!!!

Right now, it's another cup of hot chocolate. *sigh*


  1. Those are so relaxing. That would make your back and feet feel better, too!

  2. That picture looks so decadent...
    The worst part is that the house we have has all the available outdoor plumbing to put in a hottub, and yet, here I sit under a heated blanket because no hot tub out there!

  3. That is something I would like to try - preferably with snowy mountains to look at. Bliss!

  4. Men generate a lot more heat but, unfortunately, we also generate a lot more odor.

    Massive blizzard here last night. No work for me! I'll be manning the shovel in about a half hour.

  5. Can't you get the insurance company to see that as "medical equipment" to keep your knee in shape?

    Hey, it's a thought. And I know what you mean except I'm married to a guy who's warmer than I am to the point that sometimes HE seems to want the inside of the house to match the outside in winter. Which is why I have a great sweater collection...and appreciate hugs. :)

  6. it's drag, i know, but hang in there, sugar! xoxoxox

  7. Immersion heater and plastic bucket are not the same I guess.

  8. XL: You got it right!! I've been in a few over the years and absolutely love the heat!

    Sandra: Welcome! Wow, if I had the outdoor plumbing already in place, I would do whatever I had to, to get one installed asap!

    Pat: Well, if I want mountains to look at, I am going to have to move about 1700 kms west! But yeah, it would beat the flat prairie any day. Actually, all I have to look at right now is the fence. ;-)

    UB: Men aren't the only odour generators! When I get all sweaty working, I too can smell pretty bad!!! ;-)

    Have fun with the snow... Sorry, couldn't resist! But I am sure you kids will. I know how brutal it is to have to shovel that stuff. We are expecting another dump of it by week's end.

    Hope: Hey! That's a good idea! I will call them and see what they say!!

    My ex was like your hubby - loved it quite cool. I didn't appreciate that much.

    Savannah: Oh, I will. Summer will be back in oh, about 5 months!! xoxoxo

    Mago: Um... No. No, they are not quite the same. ;-)


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