Tuesday, 10 April 2012

New philosophy

Pack up what I want/need to keep. Donate/bin the rest.

Makes life so much simpler!! Spending time first sorting and then packing is silly. It'll be messy for a bit, but then it will be done!

Moving commences next week. I have the keys to the new place already but don't take possession until Sunday, the 15th. Electrical and water meter readings that day. Cable, tv and internet transfer on the 18th.

The 19th is cat moving day. Girlfriend with truck (for almost 6' tall cat tree, which really doesn't fit in my 4' long [short?] car...) to help with that and other smaller stuff.

(I don't think so.)

Big stuff moving day is the 21st. The MoS is helping (yes, we have remained friends...) and because he is wickedly allergic to cats (that's also the reason the cats will get moved earlier and will be locked in a room with all their stuff on moving day), the couch and chair will be wrapped in plastic shipping wrap. It also helps to protect from scrunches, as they are pretty big and difficult to get in the elevator here. I am going to wrap a few other things with the plastic shipping wrap to prevent drawers from sliding out of things, etc. My sister and another friend will also be helping.

I plan on (hopefully) having all the kitchen stuff, books, breakables, clothes, bathroom crap, linens and towels, etc moved so all that will be moved on that final day will be furniture. There's enough of that to fill the 6'x12' trailer, I am sure!

Then it's cleanup time at the old place and settle in to the new. I will be very glad when this is all said and done. I have moved waaaaaaaayyy too many times in my life. *sigh*