Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Can one ever be completely honest with those who matter most?


Should one be completely honest?


  1. There's always a line I think.
    But honesty is always the best way in the long run, yeah?

    You'll know best! :¬)


  2. I vote for honesty...as one who was not...and paid an awfully high price.

  3. Honesty via omission...
    but, it depends. Very often things aren't very straightforward.

  4. everything in moderation, sugar...i think map's comment says it best. you'll know what you need to say and how much xoxoxoxo

  5. Map: It's a fine line, and one that moves, too... unfortunately. xoxoxo

    Jonas: A price that doesn't need to be paid... and in hindsight was preventable? It's a bugger that hindsight is 20/20, isn't it?

    Scarlet: Ah, but will that omission be the thing that should have been put out in the open? And how do you choose just what to omit? There's the rub...

    Savannah: Moderation, yes, I agree. The words to say? That is unknown at this point. xoxo

  6. Honesty is always good but it does seem to come in shades of gray sometimes. If telling the "honest truth" would only make you feel better but hurt someone else, is total honesty the best policy?

    I'm about as honest as they come but I still try to think about the other person's feelings when sharing.

    I know. Clear as mud. :) Deep down, I think you probably know the answer but wanted a sounding board. We'll stay, either way.

  7. In the big matters I vote for honesty and the most important thing is to be honest with yourself.
    I have to admit though that when it is some boring household detail that one has forgotten to do - when asked - I may tell a white lie to avoid a lecture.
    So shoot me.
    And I'd rather tell a white lie than say something true, but unkind. Altogether it's a moveable feast.

  8. Complete honesty is impossible. Every question, and every answer, has an agenda.

    However, for "general" honesty I go with Pat. Big things, honesty is important. Small things, less so, but it depends on motivation :)


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