Saturday, 11 December 2010

I just knew...

... reality would come crashing in at some point.

LHB and I had been hoping to connect the beginning of next week when he'd be taking a load (of whatever) from Calgary to Ontario somewhere. And since the TransCanada highway happens to run right through Winnipeg, a pit stop here would be inevitable.

Up to this point, each time he's been through here, we've managed 2 or 3 days together each time. And it has been lovely. But I think we were getting spoiled.

Although, as he said today, a little spoiling is a wonderful thing!

But the cold hard reality of the trucking life is that things can change in an instant. And today they did. The customer getting the load shipped to Ontario required it sooner than LHB could get it there. So they gave it to another driver. Which means LHB is not only not coming through Winnipeg, he's not even coming close to the province!

He's going to be bopping back and forth in Alberta and BC.

Needless to say, both of us are sorely disappointed at this turn of events.

But I suppose it was bound to happen at some point. We've been very lucky with his ability to take the time he has while in town.

Anyone have a lucky Buddha? Rub his belly for me, k? And please excuse me while I go check my lottery ticket... cuz if it's a winner, he's flying back on the next available plane!!!


  1. I will see if I can find something that needs hauling to Canada.
    But you're not having the Smeg!

  2. i KNOW the feeling, sugar! xoxoxoxo

  3. I wish I was a wizard. I'd conjure up a spell.

  4. Oh poo. Not good, and unfortunately, I didn't win anything on the Lotto either, else I would have sent you the money for the 'plane fare! :D Hope it comes right for Christmas, though xx

  5. Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

    In the meantime, enjoy the texts; emails; and voicemails when you can't find the time to talk on the telephone.

  6. AW! :¬(

    I didn't win the Lotto either, but I did win 2 tickets to a comedy show!

    Have a good weekend! :¬)


  7. Another reason to buy a helicopter. Must e-mail santa.
    good luck....

  8. Aw! So sorry to hear this.

    The next visit will be doubly sweet...


  9. In a glass half full moment [what, you think I picked the name "hope" on a whim?] isn't it somewhat comforting that HE is just as distressed at not seeing you? :)

    I think you've found yourself a winner and he'll keep coming back...probably driving faster than you want to know about. ;)


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