Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas Wish

I fully admit to having no faith whatsoever in any so called deity. I've been a staunch non-believer my entire life, although I have read bits and pieces of the bible, and had long chats with Catholics, Mormons, and a few others. So for me, there isn't any 'Christ' in Christmas.

What there is, is a whole lot of love for family and friends.

Christmas for me is a Time to get together with the people I love, to visit and laugh, give and receive hugs, share wonderful food (and there are a few traditional foods that make appearances every year), tell tales of what's happening in life, delight in the giving of gifts (especially to the little ones) and generally just have a really good visit.

Because the best Times in life are actually just that - Time. Time together. Time spent with those who mean the most to you.

Time goes much too quickly as we get older (who decided it should be that way, anyway? it is so not fair!) and it's too easy to lose track of it. It gets away on you and next thing you know, another year has flown by and you don't know where the Time went!

Time is something that LHB and I don't get enough of... What little Time we get together is rare, precious, intense and cherished. We really don't know when the next bit of Time will appear, but we take advantage of every snippet we get.

So my Christmas wish this year is to take the Time to enjoy what life has to offer. From the big events during the year, to the tiny moments that give pause and create wonder and awe. Those all add up to a memory vault full of huge chunks of Time well spent.

I also wish this for you, my blogging friends. May your Christmas be filled with the best of Times with those you love.


  1. Merry Mas Day!!!
    And have a fantastic New Year!!!

  2. Have a happy holiday and all you wish for 2011.

  3. Here's wishing you all the best life has to offer!

    And in a salute to your "where the heck does time go?", I'm giving ME a week off from work. ;)

  4. Have a wonderful xxxxxxmastime! :¬)


  5. You're absolutely right, Ponita. It's the time that we spend with the people we love that truly is worth celebrating. I may not be Irish, but I still go out and party on St Patrick's Day; I'm not Mexican either, but I celebrate Cinco de Mayo! Why? Because it's all about finding any excuse to spend time with friends and family to cherish and celebrate life.

    So Have a Very Merry Xmas to You, yours, and all your family and friends. Thank you for your support and friendship. Cheers and Best Wishes!!!


  6. I sorta' tripped in here from one of your comments to someone...and I share your sentiments. I hope your Christmas was wonderful and warm wishes for the new year.


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