Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Just another day

I sit here, in front of my computer, and think of things to write. I'm not coming up with too much that's witty or original...

Pips sits on my desk, gazing at me indifferently. I've not let her onto my lap for a snuggle. So she proceeds to look about the desktop, and whip the pen on to the floor. She looks at me again. The next movable object is flung across the room. The only thing that moves on her is her paw. And she proceeds to look at me after each launch.

(Don't let that cute face fool you... she's a wily one!!)

I kick her off the desk.

And pick everything up.

Lila keeps trying to lie on top of the electrical cords under the desk. I make sharp hissing noises at her and she runs out, only to try and run back in in a minute to repeat the action. I eventually stick my foot out repeatedly to block her access to under the desk. She eventually hisses at my foot and attacks my slipper, biting the suede with great frustration.

(There was growling going on too. This girl's got 'tude!!!)

The dog had tried to worm her way into my lap, drooling on the keyboard in the process. After wiping the slobber off the Ctrl key (it's a wonder this keyboard works at all), I pet her and she lies on the floor, farting prodigiously on the way down. She'd just been out to do her business, so I'm assuming that was just some left over wind that wasn't expelled out of doors (where it would not have been noticed but in here it makes your eyes water).

(Could she possibly look any more rejected???)
(And how on earth can this possibly be comfortable? She lies like this all the time...)

Lila has now decided the dog needs a good cleaning and is proceeding to ingest copious quantities of coarse dog hair gleaned from Zoë's cranium.

Having spoken to LHB already today (he's in the inner reaches of BC, having unloaded lumber and is proceeding to load more lumber), I am in need of getting something constructive done with my day off so I think it's time to haul out the vacuum (to suck up the remains of the kitty wrestling match that obviously went on last night while I was at work), and throw a load or two in the washer... although not at the same time.

And if this isn't enough excitement for your day, I think I have to wash some dishes too.

Try and control yourselves, okay?


  1. Looks like the shoes are lined with kitty fur! Possible source of Lila's concern?

  2. XL: Rabbit. Perhaps she was hungry??? ;-)

  3. XL: Um... kinda, yeah.... Pips keeps them well groomed. I've never had a cat give my slippers a bath on a regular basis. Pips cleans them and Lila kills them. The dog (who knows what a bunny actually is) ignores them, which is probably a good thing!

  4. Thanks for the laid-back critter stories 'cause I loooove 'em.

    Come to think of it, I loooove loooove stories too . . .

  5. Charlie: You are most welcome! There are plenty of critter stories here... and getting to be love stories too!!!

  6. I laughed out loud.

    And I cannot tell you how much Lila looks like Dolly Gee Squeakers (formerly of the Humane Society Squeakers). Cats never fail to crack me up. If the little buggers got any bigger, we wouldn't be able to keep them in the house...


  7. Pearl: The cats make me laugh all the time, especially Lila! I'd love to see what Dolly Gee Squeakers looks like. If Lila was bigger... I would be in serious trouble when she's pissed off!

  8. You made me smile on a not so fun day. Thanks for that.

    Dogs...our Chocolate Labs sleep with their butts on the dog bed and their heads on the floor.

  9. *snickering* now this was funny, sugar! xoxoxox

  10. Hope: Glad I was able to lift your spirits even just a bit.

    Yes, aren't dogs weird? Zoë sleeps on her bed that way too... head on the floor.

    Savannah: :-) xoxoxo

  11. I thought you said you didn't have anything to write about? That's how it goes sometimes. Auto pilot is a beautiful thing.

  12. What a lovely and fun glimpse of the day in the life of the Ponita household! Great pics!

  13. UB: Having the cats and dog as inspiration helps too! :-)

    Eros: Thanks! I have more pix of the animals than of any thing/one else. ;-)


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