Sunday, 12 December 2010

Technical difficulties

Turns out LHB is now stuck in Edmonton until Monday morning, due to misinformation regarding closing times and loading availability.

If he's going to have to hang out and wait somewhere, why on earth can it not be here????

The trucking gremlins are having fun with us, the little bastards! Oh well. I suppose this will give him time to catch up on paperwork... and sleep.

The laptop is also causing him a headache. He told me this evening he tried to leave comments on several blogs and is again unable to do so. And since I don't have his laptop in my hot little hands, I can't figure out what is wrong.

This is most frustrating. For both of us. For numerous reasons.

But it does give me a bit more time to get things accomplished before Christmas.

Of course, there is not guarantee I will get to see him before Christmas....


  1. Ah, but what a wonderful Christmas present HE would be, right? :)

  2. I'm sorry that you guys are separated, but that you miss each other so much is nice.


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