Sunday, 5 December 2010

Disappointment... and Not!

The party dress lies on the table, three quarters finished but not at all wearable.

An hour prior to the start time of the party, I am in the final stages of fitting and finishing the dress, the gorgeous purple stretch satin and lace feeling luxurious under my hands. It's the final stretch and I'm getting geared up to be glamorous in my new finery.

Then there is a sickening 'crunch' as the needle stops dead in the fabric, all the way down the slot to the bobbin chamber. It won't move. I can't even raise the needle up to pull the fabric out and see what's going on. It requires much mutterings of foul phrases, tiny sharp scissors, a pair of forceps and the assistance of LHB to get things pried apart. We fritter and flutter and tinker with the damn machine. Try this and that. Take this apart, peer into there, switch that out with another, try again... and two stitches later there's that 'crunch'.

There's no time to borrow anyone's machine. My sister has one but she lives on the far side of the city and it would take 40 minutes just to get to her place, never mind borrow her machine and get back home and finish sewing.

So I frantically searched through my closet to find something suitable to wear. Party clothes have never been high on my list of necessary wardrobe bits, so it's down to one pair of black diaphanous floaty (and very comfy) pants that almost look like a skirt (black with an overlay of sheer black) and a choice of two tops: one black lace, the other pink and slinky. LHB chose the pink slinky number... he does rather like the feel of lycra under his hand while we wander about the dance floor.

So despite all best efforts, the party dress didn't make it. But to the party we went! LHB got to meet a bunch of people I work with.We had fun and that's what counts.

Having 2 days with LHB was not a disappoint, however... The more time we spend together, the more time I want us to spend together. He's back on the road again this morning, headed for points to the northwest... the land of no cell coverage and bleak(er) winter. He's got no idea when he'll be back in town again. Or even if he will be working Christmas. It's likely he will be. But if he is here, he's coming to Christmas dinner with me... and that means he'd meet the family - all at once!


  1. How brave of you to attempt to make your own gown - and at the last minute. What you wore however sounds great and obviously did the job.

    I hope all works out well for Christmas.

  2. For a moment desaster scenarios were flashing through my head, but none involved a broken sewing machine. If it can happen, it will happen - exactly then when you do not need it.
    I am glad that you had a good evening and enjoyed each other's company.

  3. i love it when things work out well in the end, sugar! xoxoxox

  4. You have just described the reason I don't sew...that bleeping bobbin stuff! Mom's machine did the same thing and after it ate my second school project, I never went near a machine again.

    On the up side, I'm glad you and LHB got to party. Even better, just be in each other's company.

  5. No pressure there! Always a tense moment. But better the sewing machine lock-up than LHB.

  6. Do you suppose the sewing machine is fixable or is it a goner?

  7. Sorry about the dress but your post definitely made me smile.

  8. Glad to hear that it's going so well with LHB. Should have worn sparkly jeans instead!

  9. I hope he doesn't end up working Christmas and you will have to finish that dress for a private party.

  10. Pat: It was a last minute decision and with the equipment failure, that meant I didn't have time to get things repaired to finish in time. Frustrating as all get out, but LHB was extremely supportive and helpful. I too hope Christmas works out but am not holding my breath... life on the road is unpredictable at the best of time.

    Mago: Well, the machine is getting on in years and does have many 'miles' on it. But the end result was, we did have a good time, despite those issues!

    Savannah: Me too, me too! xoxoxo

    Hope: I can usually repair the problem, but not this time. I think I need to take it in. No pressure now, though, so will get to that one day! And yeah, it was his company that made everything right. :-)

    UB: There have been no indications of LHB lock-up whatsoever! ;-)

    XL: Will need a professional opinion to make that determination! I'm hoping it's repairable. It's from Sears and they are usually pretty good.

    Andrea: Thanks... for both the commiserations and the smiles!

    Madame: It is, thank you! Sparkly jeans? Hm, I don't have any of those. Do you think I should get some?

    Snooze: I'm hoping you're right about Christmas, and the private party can be anytime he's in town, me thinks! ;-)

  11. There must be something in the air.

    I get back into Blogland after a short (well, a shorter-than-it-might-have-been) absence and two consecutive female bloggers are both all loved-up. And I think it's great :-)

    SO glad to hear things are going so well. And if the two of you managed to survive that minor clothing disaster without falling out, and made it to the party and enjoyed it, well, that has to be a good sign!

    Fingers crossed that luck flows your way for Christmas.


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